Summary: I don’t want to be poor, hated, etc.. I don’t wanta be a Woe Christian either.

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Sometimes I can’t make up my mind. Sometimes I think I am so poor. I get depressed because I don’t have never ending resources. Then other times I am amazed at how Rich I really am.

Sometimes, I can change how I feel about my situation in a flash. I believe that you know what I mean. I feel comfortable in my situation and someone asks me or hints I should share my resources.

Let’s take time for example. If I believe I have the afternoon free, and perhaps even plan a little study or rest. I am rich because time is valuable, I can’t make more of it. I have a little extra hidden away to use the way I want. When the phone rings I don’t even have to wait for the request and before I start feeling put upon and robbed. It is especially true when it has to do with normal job stuff. Something is broken and someone else could look at it but they call Me. The guy that can’t say no (another of my faults) I start to feel really poor. I will even complain because I feel like I don’t have enough to share.

Maybe you felt something similar last week when we had a Gideon Speaker. Awh, he is gonna ask for money. I don’t have any to spare. Tom Tricked us…I would have stayed home.

But you gave anyway, sometimes even when we feel poor or are aggravated, we will still give of ourselves. Perhaps it is out of duty, or maybe because we know it is the right thing.

The people following Jesus had come together on a mountain. Jesus prayed all night and the next morning he called al the disciples and named 12 to be apostles. Then we pickup on today’s scripture. We don’t know where they were. Maybe not too far from Jerusalem or someplace in Galilee. Luke records that there were people from Jerusalem, all of Judea and Tyre and Sydon. Looking at a map, you figure out that people came from every where including from outside of Israel. Sydon is on the coast 120 miles north of Jerusalem.

So where ever this is the people have come from all over to hear this guy. It seems like they would have had plenty of good teachers in Jerusalem, or in the bigger villages. But two groups of people have come out to hear this man. It mentions disciples had gone there with Jesus and been out there all night. Then when they came down into the valley or at least lower on the mountain there is the multitude of others. People that came out because they wanted or need something. They came out because they were curious.

So the scripture describes a lot of excitement, people just wanting to touch Jesus because were healings going on. There is power flowing and everyone is healed. It sounds like it was worth the trip.

We don’t know that Jesus gave a sermon to everyone that day, he probably did. We do know that he spoke directly to his disciples.

So what is the difference in the Multitude and the disciples?

The multitudes are the people that seem to just want something for themselves. They hear that he is in town and they go out to see the show. Hear the sales pitch and pick up the free stuff and most will head home with no change on their lives. No cost except a little time. No demands on their resources because they are making no commitment.

The disciples are people that are following the teacher. They like what he is saying, they believe he is right and they seem to be moving from place to place with him at this point. Their time and resource commitment is deep. They are paying their own way and sleeping in the open. There are more that 12 people because Jesus chooses 12. We don’t know the demands they have placed on themselves or have been asked for, but they are actively staying close to Jesus.

Scripture says that Jesus is speaking to the disciples. Perhaps the number grew a little today. Perhaps there are more disciples now than before, the healings and teaching have some step forward and make a commitment.

I believe that afternoon changed some of the people from multitude to Disciple. They joined in the faith Journey that we are all on today. I believe the easiest way to tell the difference is to watch who sticks around after the show and healings are done to hear the message.

The Multitude are satisfied with watching the show and moving on before commitment is asked for.

So Jesus speaks to those who are left. Disciples.

HE starts telling the followers bout who is blessed and who is Woe.

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