Summary: Fear not if you have ‘none’ today, trust His unfathomable love, power, wisdom and Excellency!

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I got none….

Numbers 7:9”But to the sons of Kohath he gave none, because they were charged with the service of the holy things that had to be carried on the shoulder.”

Numbers 4: 4 “The duties of the Kohathites at the Tabernacle will relate to the most sacred objects.”

While I sat to read the Bible early one morning, I had the choice to either read Luke 7 or Numbers 7, I was very anxious to read the book of Luke, but God impressed hard in my heart to read Numbers – I did so reluctantly, though; however, the moment I started reading, God unfolded deep truths and spoke to me on many matters. Listen! We often gripe and murmur, ’they have a car and an apartment, while I have none’, ‘she is married with a kid while I have none’, ‘she has a good job while I have none’, ‘I read the Bible and I’m close to Jesus, yet, I have no kids’…the list goes on! Some of us want a ‘nice’ partner the moment we get a job, or a cuddly baby within a short time after marriage – we are impatient to wait upon God’s timing! Are you listening? Two lovely kids joined my school, who were born after ten years of marriage, the father accepted Jesus Christ after this miracle in his life; however, he had to go through the ‘none’ stage for ten years. Are you there?

After Moses had finished setting up the tabernacle, the chiefs of Israel and the elders brought offerings to the Lord, there were 6 wagons and 12 oxen. The Lord ordered Moses to accept them and give it to the Levites, Moses accordingly distributed as below:

• Verse 7 -Two wagons and four oxen he gave to the sons of Gershon, according to their service.

• Verse 8 - And four wagons and eight oxen he gave to the sons of Merari, according to their service,

Levi had three sons: Gershon, Merari and Kohath; read verse 9 – ‘But to the sons of Kohath he gave none..!’ Observe something striking above, the wagons and oxen were not distributed randomly but ‘according to their service!’ Did you get that? We don’t have to grumble, we are blessed according to our service! If you feel the burden is more, be assured you will be given necessary strength at the appropriate time! The urgent requirements for our various projects like: teachers, helpers, volunteers, cleaners, cook, musicians, worship leaders, translators, office assistants, office equipment did not come immediately – we got them after severe trials and long delays; nevertheless, God supplied the energy and strength. Glory be to God!

Coming back to Kohath, why were they denied wagons and oxen? Read on’…because they were charged with the service of the holy things that had to be carried on the shoulder.’ None had the privilege of carrying the holy things on their shoulders except the Kohathites! Praise the Lord! The ‘I got none’ stage is pretty frustrating, excruciating, painful and agonizing; nevertheless, surrender to His plans!

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