Summary: A true disciple is the one who made decision based on his acceptance of the person of Jesus, His teachings and his works.

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How was your first encounter with Jesus? Did you know him personally, understand his teachings and believe in his works right away? Do you think you are true disciple?

Proposition: A true disciple is the one who made decision based on his acceptance of the person of Jesus, His teachings and his works.

Interrogative Sentence: How much do you know Jesus? How much of his teachings and works do you believe and accept?

Transitional Sentence: Let’s see from today’s passage how Peter became a true disciple.

I. JESUS’ “PERSON” IS KNOWN TO PETER, 1-3 (John 1:35-42)

Jesus is no longer stranger to Jesus in this meeting. Jesus seemed to know who is on the boat. Peter seemed to know Jesus already because he welcomed Jesus on his boat. And he know Him as someone came from God, someone who is sent from God.

A. He was introduced to Jesus personally, John 1:35-42

Andrew brought Peter to Jesus when he found at the Jordan River. He believed his brother’s testimony about Him as the Christ because they were both seekers of the Messiah. That was his real first encounter. He learned about the real person in Jesus, THE MESSIAH. John the Baptist testified about Him and was confirmed by God the Father and God the Holy Spirit (John 1:32-34; “This is my Son, whom I love, with Him I am well pleased”, Matthew 3:17).

B. He listened personally to Jesus’ teachings, Luke 4:31-38

Peter, together with his brother Andrew I believe as a seeking faithful Jews are very religious. It is possible that they are always present in all of Jesus’ teachings at the synagogue (4:31-38). Truth of that is when Jesus left the synagogue, he went straight to the house of Peter where he found Peter’s mother-in-law sick. It seems that Jesus knew exactly where to go. So, it is either that Peter is at the synagogue with him then on a way home he asked Jesus to come to his house. At least, there’s an initial they had an initial contact with each other. And Peter has become interested in Jesus and His teachiongs.

C. He called Jesus as his “Master”, 4:38

With these experiences with the Lord, Peter knew who Jesus really is and submitted his life already to Jesus.


A. He accepted its authority, 4:31

B. He experienced its power, 4:36

Peter’s response; “But because you say so, I will let down the nets.”


A. He heard about it, 4:14

B. He witnessed it

C. He understood its purpose, 4:41; “to reveal Jesus as the CHRIST”


Peter’s first encounter with Jesus through his brother Andrew made him believed that Jesus is the Christ. But when he listened to His teachings he saw its authority and power. As he gets deeper in his relationship with Jesus Christ and His teachings, he is becoming more and more a true disciple. He submitted everything to Jesus. Peter’s motto is, “If you say so, I’ll do so!”



1. Do you know Christ fully as the Father wants you to know him? Do you know him personally? Is he really the “Anointed One” to you?

2. Do you really submit in the authority and power of his teachings?

3. Do you really understand the purpose of His works in your life? That is, is he really your master?

4. Can you truly declare to him, “Master, if you say so, I’ll do so”

To others through you—

1. You have to introduce Jesus to others, your family, friends and acquaintances.

2. You have to make his word’s authority and power be seen to you.

3. You have to let his works be demonstrated through your life.

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