Summary: Job's assurity through all of life's troubles and trials is that his Redeemer liveth

I Know that I Know that I Know

Job 19:25-27 KJV


I want to give out the definitions of two words before we get started here tonight if I may.

1. Revelation:

¡Ka striking disclosure of something not previously known.

2. Redeemer:

¡Kto buy back, or to get back, to recover as by paying a fee.

I think we can come to the conclusion of this text that job had both a Revelation and a Redeemer.

I was thinking of this line (title) the other day in my prayers, how that we know for sure all that we know, and this thought came to me of what Job said¡K ¡§ I Know¡¨

1. JOB KNEW: His Redeemer Lives Vv.25

--Through all his pain and sorrow¡K he knew

--Through the death of his children¡Khe knew

--Through the strange words of his wife¡Khe knew

--Through the voice of his so-called friends¡Khe knew

No matter how bad things had gotten for Job, he knew his Redeemer Lives.

That statement means, not that He would live, or that He could live, but that Job knew at that present moment his Redeemer lived and lives.

Friends, No matter how bad your health becomes¡K

No matter how bad your finances become¡K

No matter how hard life comes at you¡K

REMEMBER, that your Redeemer Lives.

>>If you don¡¦t know with absurdity that your redeemer lives, you¡¦re serving the wrong one. For there is only one, Jesus is His name.

>>Job had a Revelation of a Redeemer, and that this Redeemer (my redeemer he says) lives.

>>In all that Job had lost up to this point, never did he lose sight of the FACT that his Redeemer Lives.

2. JOB KNEW: The Power of the Resurrection Vv.26

--Job may have looked forward in his mind¡¦s eye and heard John say..

John 14:19b¡K. ¡§because I live, ye shall live also¡¨ or

John 2:19 b¡K ¡§destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up¡¨

--Even if the skin worms destroy this body, even if I die and am put in the grave, I shall see God.

--Job knew even in death, he would see the Lord God Himself.

I Corinthians 13:12 says¡K

For I know we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

--Job knew that he would see his Savior/Redeemer even if death came.

3. JOB KNEW: Who His Redeemer Is Vv.27

--My eyes shall behold him.

I will see Jesus¡K.the Redeemer for himself

No more stories of Him-- No more mind pictorials of Him-- No more visions from the prophets-- No more words from the High Priests. I will see Him.

„³Job makes a statement here that until this week I¡¦ve only seen one way¡K.


--I¡¦ve always said that he was saying ¡§I won¡¦t see him with the eyes of another¡¨

--I¡¦ve also understood it to say ¡§I won¡¦t see another God, another Saviour, another King, another Throne, another Redeemer, for there is NOT ANOTHER.


Do you know what Job knew?

Do you know this Revelation?

Do you know this Redeemer?

You can leave church today with the same absurdity that Job has, that you know, that you know, that you know Thy Redeemer Liveth.

For the Cause

Bro. Stepp


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