6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: This is a childrens sermon for a patriotic holiday.

Boys and girls, do you notice that there are two flags in our sanctuary today? One, I am certain is very familiar to you. What do the Stars and Stripes represent? (The United States) You probably already know that the stars stand for the 50 states and the stripes stand for the original 13 colonies. But lets look at the other. What do you notice? (They might notice that they have the same colors, in which case you might tell them that blue stands for loyalty and sincerity, red stands for courage and sacrifice, and white stands for purity and peace. They will probably notice the cross and deduce that it is the Christian flag.) Remind them that in our country we are free to worship as we please and that that cross symbolizes Christianity. Just as many people have given their lives so our country might continue, many people have given their lives so that Christianity might continue. Remind them of Peter who was crucified upside down on a cross. Remind them of the pilgrims who came to our country for religious freedom. Ask them if they know what it means to “Pledge Allegiance”. If they can’t come up with a good answer, tell them that it means to promise loyalty. Tell them they are going to hear a song called “I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb”. Ask them if they know who the Lamb is. They should know that it is Jesus Christ. Tell them that when we sing this song we are promising to be faithful or loyal to the Cross or the Lamb as so many Christians before us have done. (If the song is not available to you, you might want to sing another or recite the Pledge of allegiance to the Christian flag with them.)

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