Summary: What is prosperity?

I Pray that Ye Prosper. part 2. Many believe that prosperity is a symbol of Godliness, or that it makes them appear a little better than others. But what is prosperity and who is eligible? In part one ,we found out about two individuals, Jesus spoke of, the rich man and Lazarus. In part two we are going to look at King David and Solomon. There are two sides to prosperity, on the one hand some people resent those that havent received it and on the other hand there are people that resent those that have received. What makes the difference between the two? They both are forgetting what the Bible says is most important in this life. For example, as the deciples returned from their commission of preaching, they bragged to Jesus that, “Even the spirits were subject unto us.” And what did Jesus answer, “ Be not glad that the spirits were subject unto you, but that your name is written down in the Book of Life.” Remember that prosperity is in the eye of the beholder, trash to one is treasure to another. King David was a warier ,a leader of armies, a man after Gods own Heart. He loved God and wanted nothing except to please God, and to lead a strong nation. 2nd Samuel,, chapters, 11 and 12. But as with all great men ,He was tempted by the lust of the flesh and committed sin with ,Uriahs wife ,Bathsheba, David had it all, power, prestige, lands, money, but he lacked one thing that everyone that worships God must have, Integrity, a willingness to forsake all to serve the Lord. David made a mistake and He paid dearly for it. He brought a curse upon his house hold, that he had to pay for. David was forgiven, but he lost one thing that he truly desired in his heart, That was to build the temple for God. Now in first Kings we find that David’s transgressions were not only forgiven but God promised that His throne would be passed down to His son Solomon and not only that but it would be before the Lord forever. Prosperity here with sin and forgiveness, but what a price to pay. 1st Kings 3:6-14. Now Solomon was another story, He learned from the mistakes of his father and sought out not earthly wealth but wisdom to rule .If you look at 3:7, you will find out the main reason for Solomons decision. Remember in prosperity, you can loose it just as fast as you gain it, because of a lack of management skills.Solomon told the Lord in verse 7, “...I am but a little child; I know not how to go out or come in.” This was true honesty before God. Telling God the absolute truth in ones prayers will go farther with God than trying to make up excuses or giving God reasons that dont quite sound right. Beating around the bush with God will get you nothing except a whipping from your Father. Solomon was honest and forthright and received much more than he asked for. A prosperity that, Glorified the Lord. And isn’t that what we are here for, to Glorify God. You can read a lot and get nothing out of scripture with the wrong attitude but then again with the right attitude and an open mind God will open up the Gates of Heaven and pour out more wisdom and knowledge to you, than you can imagine. Prosperity is again, many different things to different people. In the world we live in ,there is a need for more people like David and Solomon and the Poor Man. People that are willing to risk it all for God. People that are willing to say, “Father, Give me this day my daily bread, bless me if Ive been faithful, and punish me if Ive failed, for thy chastisement is better than a mountain of gold without you. “ This reminds me if an old song I remember from growing up, “ United we stand and divided we fall, and if our backs should ever be against the wall, well be together, together you and I.” In conclusion, prosperity is in the mind of the beholder, prosperity without God, is not prosperity, but a delusion of the soul. It wont stand the test of time, it wont satisfy the hunger of the spirit and it wont deliver the broken hearted. True prosperity is fulfilling Gods will within your life, working to give to others and shairing without remorse or regrett.Your prosperity is in your heart and not in your bank account, its in your spirit and not in your wallet, its in your soul and not in your airagance.When we learn to pray for others with a pure heart, when we learn that to give is better than to receive, then we will know, what prosperity is. ars

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