Summary: Paul writes as a Pastor to his beloved church. He tells them of what joy he receives of their ministry. He encourages them to keep on doing the right things and not agrue, grumble, or fight. Be of one accord.

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10-3-10 New Liberty Christian Church, Veedersburg, IN with Pastor Richard T. McQuinn


INTRODUCTION: This is a second of a series of sermons from the book of Philippians. The Apostle Paul is writing to perhaps his favorite church. It is a love letter from a Pastor to his formal congregation. He is presently in prison in Rome and has some privileges. One of which is to be able to write to churches and friends. You may remember that Timothy is with him and helping him each day.

If a former pastor of your church knew pretty well that he was going to die in the very near future and he writes a letter to his beloved congregation that he helped begin--what would you want your former pastor to say to you?

Paul writes about JOY. Jesus, Others, and Yourself. This is the JOY book. Paul tells them how much he loves them, how much they have meant to him, how much they have helped him in the ministry.

Each congregation is part of a ministry. When you ordain someone to go from your congregation and Preach the Gospel you are commissioning them to preach and teach for you.

The Arcadia, Indiana Christian Church was every part of my ministry when I went to Jamaica to hold revival meetings. They were with me when I went calling, when I prayed, preached, and witnessed. They were there when I asked people if they would accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. They were there when those souls confessed their belief in Jesus and accepted Him into their lives. They were with me when I went into the waters in the Jamaica rivers and baptized many. They prayed, they gave their money and they gave their time and efforts.

The Washington, Illinois Christian Church was with me just the same when I went to India to work for the salvation of others. When the food was tight, the water stunk, the flies, snakes, nakedness, they stood back home and prayed for me. Each sermon I preached, each lesson I taught, each soul won for Jesus was a part of the ministry of the Washington Christian Church and the body of believers there.

My present church is an extension of my ministry. They help in every way possible. When I share my joy with them of the witness to my neighbors, the calling of my neighbors and friends from their sins, teaching them in Bible studies and asking for their confession of faith in Jesus and in the joy of baptizing them. The congregation rejoices with me and what we are able to do together in the Lord. Amen!

There are three areas of this chapter two that I want to call to your attention. And in so doing, I hope you will appreciate this outstanding book as well as the outstanding prescription that Paul gives to all of us.


Paul is expressing his joy in a job well done to the Philippians.

Don’t you love it when your Pastor brags on you or on his congregation? Don’t you love it when someone tells you what a find son, or daughter, or wife, or father, or mother you have? Someone thinks highly of your kin folks? Surprise, surprise!

This is a love letter to the Philippians and I have to tell you, I really enjoy the reading of it often.

In the opening verse he asks the question, does your life in Christ give you strength?

Do you find strength and security in good ole American Money? Phooey! Or how about stocks and bonds? Or in traditional marriage? Banks, Insurance companies, the value of your home, the police, the President of the US?

Where is your strength these days? If it is centered on anything other than in the Son of the Living God then you are in for a real rough ride before death comes to you and an even rougher one after your death.

He questions his former congregation. He does this to call attention to them and their belief. The very same thing I am doing with you this morning. Do you work together in this congregation? Do you pray together for the good of the ministry in this community? Do you look after each other in the church and those not in the local church. Do you practice brotherly love?

Let others around you know that you are a big part of the ministry. You jell together for the purpose of teaching the Christians, serving the community and reaching out to the lost in Jesus Name.

I love it when the minister tells his congregation not to grumble. Do not fight between yourselves. The world does that enough and you are to better than the world.

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