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Summary: This message shows God’s higher purpose in letting us go through trials...


Text: Job 23:1-17 ; James 1:2-12 W. Max Alderman

Introduction: No one enjoys trials from the human side only, because it goes against our flesh. It is only when you discover that God permits what you experience so that you may “come forth as gold”. Today, we will look at Job and in doing so observe the attitude that he had towards his trials. Perhaps some of you can identify with some of the things that he says.

I. THERE IS COURAGE IN WHAT JOB SAID: “he knoweth the way that I take” (v. 10).

A. Job believed that God was around even though he could not see him… (v. 9).

B. He believed that God was aware of him even though he could not touch him… (V. 9).

II. THERE IS CONSIDERATION IN WHAT Job said, “when he hath tried me”

A. His trials would not cause him to waver… (V. 11).

B. His trials would help him to worship Him… (V. 12).

III. THERE IS CONFIDENCE IN WHAT JOB SAID, “I shall come forth as gold.” (V. 10)

A. He knew that he would be made better. (V. 14)

B. He certainly would not be made bitter. (V. 16).

CONCLUSION: Sometimes the Lord allows trials to come to us to teach us… Sometimes they come to tender us and trials also come to toughen us. Yet, when God allows it to be so, it is for the purpose of us to come forth as gold.

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