Summary: In this sermon, we examine a very familiar yet very important passage.

Text: Psalm 23

ETS: The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

ESS: God is all I need.

OSS: God’s people will depend on Him.

PQ: Why is God all I need?

UW: Characteristics

Title: I Shall Not Want


I. The main point of Psalm 23

A. Illustrations

1. Little girl asked to recite Psalm 23

2. Essence of the sermon in a sentence

II. Why we cannot find peace and fulfillment?

A. We look everywhere but God

B. We look to:

1. friends & family

2. job

3. self

4. sinful pleasures

C. Until you turn to God you will not find it

III. If you miss everything else that I say this morning


I. God is our provider (vv1-3)

A. He provides peace (v2a)

B. He provides for my physical needs (v2b)

C. He provides good gifts (v2b)

D. He provides healing (v3a)

E. He provides guidance (v3b)

II. God is our protector (vv4-5a)

A. He protects me from fear (v4a)

B. He protects me from harm (v4b)

C. He protects me from myself (v5a)

III. God is our keeper (vv5b-6)

A. He has chosen us (v5b)

B. He keeps us praising him (v5c)

C. He keeps us from sin’s deadly hold (v6a)

D. He keeps us from eternal peril (v6b)


I. Are you allowing God to be your shepherd?

A. Believer

1. Give him your burdens

2. Trust him to provide for you, protect you, & keep you

3. The altar is open this morning

B. The lost

1. Allow Christ to be your provider by giving you salvation

2. Gain his eternal protection

3. Trust him to keep his promise to save you

2. Extend the invitation

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