Summary: It does not matter what you do to me, I Trust God

Let me say this to every person that is on the live this morning, can I tell you that I don’t know what kind of trials you’re going through, I don’t know what issues, that you are dealing with, and I don’t know what oppositions that you are facing. But I have something to tell you and that is after this is over with, after this has passed over, once this dark cloud has passed by, victory will be your declaration. It will be just like the song Pastor John K. Pee sings. I made it out, I made it out alright, Thank you because, you didn't leave me nor forsake me. Thank you because you didn't let my enemies take me I'm still in the fight because I made it out alright.

Here is the truth of the matter; these days’ people are dealing with some problems, and some issues, that they have never had to face before. In fact, some of the calamities that are on the horizon also most seem foreign to our ears. Even the cry of some of the Saints are, how are we going to make?

I need to tell every blood bought Christians this morning that you need to be giving God the Praise, why Spies? Come here Winans, the Winans Brothers sang a song that said “Millons didn’t made it but I was one of the one who did”. I was one of the ones who made it through the pitfalls, I was one of the ones who made it through the storm and the rain. I was one of the ones who made it through the fire and the vigorous snares.

There were others that never made it to the fire, and there are others that died in the fire, but I’m alive today to tell somebody that I made it out, and not only did I make it out, but I made it out alright.

In this particular passage of scripture that I believe that we all have heard at some point in our life, the story of the three Hebrew boys that bored the Babylonian named Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego whose original Jewish names were Hananiah, Misha'el, and Azariah. And I’ve got to say that this story in the bible is real and true and it’s not a fairytale, and it’s fictional or a parable.

In this particular passage what has happened is this. King Nebuchadnezzar is having some issues with his male ego. You see in chapter two of this same book of Daniels, Daniel interpreted a dream that the king had regarding a great image, a great statue that was destroyed, and Daniel told the king that he (Nebuchadnezzar) was the head of that statue which was made of gold.

But Nebuchadnezzar decided he wasn’t satisfied with being just the head of that statue he wanted to be the entire statue. So therefore King Nebuchadnezzar had an image built, a huge image about 90 feet tall and 9 feet wide. Nebuchadnezzar then gathered the political leaders and made a decree that he wanted carried out. He said whenever the music plays everyone is to bow down and worship this great image.

Now if you remember when Daniel interpreted the Kings dream Nebuchadnezzar was so pleased that he made Daniel the Governor of Babylon and Daniel in return requested that his friends Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego be promoted as well, and that request was granted. So these young men in essence were now in good standards with the king. But understand that they were also foreigners in this land so they had what we’ll call today, “some haters”.

There were a ome people that we displeased with them because they found favor in the eyes of the king. And you know that there are some people like that today, because you find favor in the eye sight of others that they will dislike you, hate you, and they will plot against you.

These boys found favor in the eyes of the Kings, but now there is a problem. Understand that this, that these young men were servants of the one true God, and they knew that according to the Law of Moses “thou shalt not have any other gods before me” and they knew that the orders of the king, but they refused to bow. And let me just through this in as a side note. And that is whenever you know who your God is, whenever you know who the true King of kings are you don’t have to bow down to the imposter who think that they are your king.

When the Lord is your captain you don’t have to jump through hoops and hide under the radar, in other words you don’t have to bow.

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Ian Powell

commented on Jun 2, 2020

so I am to praise God - because then the blessings will come and the miracles and the healing. That sounds creepy and like flattering some ungenerous uncle because then his stuff wiill become mine. Sound like a veery self-centred reason rather than praising God cause he is worthy of praise cause he's sos wonderful and beautiful. And there is no mention of the men in the fire praising God so that can't be what God wants us to learn from this part fo his word

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