Summary: Allowing God to lead you

In our text today, we are introduced to a man whose distinctiveness and character was extraordinary and astonishing. In our lesson as we try to identify him, we know that his fingerprint leaves minimal evident, but yet there is enough evident to convict him of the charges of being the one that we are looking for, and with all of the evident that we have collected, all of the investigators has come up with the same conclusion. The investigators have excluded him as Jonah the runner because he was found in Nineveh. The case has been argued and concluded that it was not David, because David was found hiding in a cave. The evident, proves without a reasonable doubt that it was not Paul, because Paul was found on the road of Damascus. Who is this man that you are building a case against? Who is this man that you want to prove that is so extraordinary, amazing, astonishing, and astounding?

What is it that makes him stick out in the scriptures? What gives him the right to be on the front pages of the message this morning? Who is he Spies? Where did he matriculate, graduate, or escalate from? Where is he an alumnus from? Well I don’t have a lot of information to give you, in fact I don’t have much information at all other than his name is Enoch and the twelve words that describes who he was, and what made him famous.

The bible says these twelve words that gave credibility to his fame: and those twelve words were that Enoch walked with God, and he was not; for God took him. I think that a good place to start for all of you that want to be famous and known, a good place or position to be in is walking with God.

Because I’ve heard that if you walk with Lord then your name will be written in the Lamb book of life, and I rather that my name be written in the book, then to have them up in lights, because the bible says: in Mark 8:36 “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Can I encourage someone on the live this morning to just walk with him? Can I encourage someone just to know that Enoch’s walking with the Lord made him known?

And I think I ought to let someone know this morning that walking with God, will bless you, walking with God will help you, walking with God will lift you, walking with God will is the best provision for the forthcoming of his judgement.

Enoch walked with God in other words, Enoch did not taste death, Enoch didn’t touch death. Enoch didn’t see death. Death saw him, but could not touch him because God took him. The Lord took him without discussion; he took him without a debate. Others died Enoch walked, others were buried, Enoch walked, his other family members had wakes, funerals, and memorials but Enoch just walked, he didn’t die, God took him from life to life. For 300 years the death angles had been scoping him out, but they couldn’t touch him. Father time didn’t punch him out, grave clothes didn’t stain his body, and the grim reaper couldn’t collect on his corpse God took him.

What a great testimony of a worldly journey. Covid didn’t claim him, He wasn’t on hospice, he was never embalmed, he was never in a coffin. He simple walked with God, God took him. As He was walking and talking with God the next thing that he noticed is that he was no more. None could keep him when God decided to take him. Yet none could take him, while God kept him.

The text says that God took him, the Hebrew word for took in this text is Law-kakh, which means to (Take Away, to take, to receive, to fetch, to bring, to get, and to take out. God took him for the world of sin, god took him from the agony of pain and suffering. God took him from the land of mortality into a land of immortally. God took him.

I heard one preach say, God took him denotes the force of the Divine will. He took him excluding all others. God took Enoch at His own appointed time. He couldn’t leave early nor could he stay any longer than God permitted. In Enoch, there was translation without expiration. In Enoch, there was removal without death and corruption.

Look at others Poor man Lazarus was carried by the angels. Elijah left by the might of a world-wind. Jesus left by the Divine power of Ascendency. But Enoch left walking with God, because God has the power to move and remove whom He wills. God has the power to root and uproot. God has the power to plant and water. God has the power to seed and harvest. God has the power.

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