Summary: Greetings In The Holy Name Of Jesus Yahshuah, My sisters and brothers, as the vehicles rolled by, some in unison of twos and threes and others singularly in line one behind the other, lambasted the road, I found myself walking down a bumpy road,

I Was Walking Down A Bumpy Road


Dr. Gale A. Ragan-Reid

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” (Psalm 23:4, King James Version)

Greetings In The Holy Name Of Jesus Yahshuah,

My sisters and brothers, as the vehicles rolled by, some in unison of twos and threes and others singularly in line one behind the other, lambasted the road, I found myself walking down a bumpy road, figuratively speaking yet the road of my life—the course I was running that day literally, was a bumpy road. I want you to know those vehicles going nowhere fast, sped by me driving their machines at least 100 miles per hour. The dust of the day’s workload was upon me, threatening me with dismay for the day had miles yet to go. I could feel the weight of the day’s work all over my body. You will begin to identify my work load in the days that will unfold soon, but in the pain of the lambasted bumpy road.

This is of course, yet another misfortunate accident of the branch beating me vertically-inclined down the length of my face landing mostly under my eye on the right-side of my face. Let me clearly say, there was a whole lot of wrangling, going on, What happened? The day was Wednesday, in the afternoon. I laid the last of the pets’ remains in the grave and secured their gravesite with stones, big and small, so that the pets left behind could not dig them out of the grave. In a moment’s notice, the transit bus service pulled up, in front of my driveway, then quickly left to go across the road then quickly returned this time pulling into my driveway blowing the horn, just as if I hired them to come take me to run errands. I had not called them!

This farce was a lie in motion—-front field in motion. Quickly, I entered the farmhouse through the front door because I had not scheduled this ride lift. The dust of the pets grave was still up in the air for I just laid the last stones to cover their grave only seconds before transit bus service arrived. As transit service sat in my driveway blowing the horn I could feel the folks they picked up across the road casting fixes, hoaxes, ill-wishes, roots, even spells, and only God knows what else, is in those folks hearts and minds to orchestrate a false pick-up; just as if I expected them then quite naturally I would be dressed ready to board the transit bus! Outrageous behavior, I say, obviously, trying to get me to leave my house with them! Oh, so a den of thieves who only yesterday tried to take my food delivery by convincing the delivery service that they receive all my packages at their location!

What a mess? And, transit believed them with the false scheduling of bus service. I thank God for divine intervention that kept me steps ahead of this dastardly planned deed to take everything I have! Somehow, with customer service from my food company demanding delivery of all boxes by the scheduled time, I received everything but two 50 pounds bags of dog feed for my pets! How dare them, I thought to myself and out-loud because for the last few weeks they were coming to my estate stealing the puppies now they were taking the feed I purchased to feed the pets I had left, to feed the puppies they stole! Well, customer service refunded me for two 50 pounds bags of feed because I only received one-50 pound bag of feed!

Now, since taking my Chinese plum harvest, the newly-born puppies, putting a snake in the ditch, trying to steal all of my food delivery, they wanted me to leave my home to go on a false trip with them! No! I remained at the farmhouse and eventually the transit bus service left. I did not plan to go anywhere on transit with them! I began to clean the dust of the grave off of me. I thought to myself, in the quiet of my mind, Into each night a little light must fall. That’s when I decided to prune back the Chinese plums and the Desert Almond Peach Nectarines fruit trees near the farmhouse just in case out of hate those folks might sling snakes in my garden. So, I did just that—-go back outside to prune the fruit trees close to the farmhouse with branches draping by the roof of the farmhouse.

The moments of my day blurred in comparison to my clear vision just a while back, for in the shadow of the fire pile I created from the branches I cut, somehow I got lambasted by a branch! As I laid in bed, finally making it back inside the farmhouse the moments of the day played back in my eyes. Now, in reflection, day one and day two, were extremely unbearable abrasive pain in my right eye. God was with me flushing out my eye, for I did not have any medication. God kept my eye flushed in my own water source from my own body because I was waiting for water delivery that was expected on Monday. I was still in Wednesday and Thursday!

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