Summary: To be useful for God we must choose wisely where we will live. God wants us statiegically placed.

I Will Live In-Between #2 Where Will You Live

(Genesis 12:1-8)

~ Intro: Sail boat story of me as a kid…

As the boat began sinking I placed myself in a place so I would live, as close to on top of my friend’s head as I could get. Unfortunately, this almost drowned him, it’s amazing how strong

Today we will learn the why, what and where of living from our text,

Genesis 12:1

1. Why … we should to choose where to live for blessings sake.(vrs 1-3)

• Abram was told of the blessings he would receive: become a great nation; receive blessings; his word would be powerful.

• To receive God’s blessings.

- To get these we must leave the status quo.

• Abram was also to be a blessing to others

• To let those blessings be for others.

- Have the right motives.

- Brian, knowing of people wanting to bless our family for Christmas … became a conduit for God’s blessings and he helped hand pick wonderful things for each of his siblings.

2. What … doing the right things makes all the difference.(vrs 4-7)

• Abram, believe and obeyed at once heading out.

• We must obey God completely.

• We must include others.

- Abram took family, extended family and others and went.

• We must live a life of worship.

- Abram built alters of worship to God in significant and public places.

• People who live in the Norwegian town of Rjukan located in a 5905 foot deep valley (that’s 1800 meters or 1.1 miles)

- They live half the year without direct sunlight.

- What they have done…cable car to let people get up the mountain and in the sun … then huge and special mirrors to reflect sun to the town square.

• People at the prayer conference …

• Without these we miss out on much of the blessings God has for us.

3. Where … living in-between God and the world.(vrs 8)

• Abram chose to camp between Bethel and Ai.

- Bethel literally means house of God.

- Ai is by definition ‘a heap of ruins.’

• Our Ai is our community outside the church walls.

- It’s where the ruins of addiction, brokenness and hopelessness are everywhere.

• We should place ourselves as a bridge to introduced people to God.

- This is how we live out our motto “Introducing people as they are to Jesus as He is.

- It only is if we are that contact so they understand.

So how will we respond today?

~ Conclusion:

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