Summary: This sermon attempts to reveal what the author believes Jesus would want us to give Him for His birthday this Christmas.

"I Wonder What Christ Wants Us To Give

Him This Christmas"

Text-Matthew 2:1-12



It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Perhaps many of you enjoyed going to the parade

in our city last night. With all that is assoc-

iated with the Christmas season these days, we

might be inclined to miss the real purpose of

the season. Christmas is Christ! It’s all about

Him-not us. And, since it is His birthday, I was

wondering-"What does Jesus want us to give Him

for His birtday?" I believe that I know some of

the things that He would like for us to give Him

this year. What gifts could we give Him that would

bring Him joy and happiness? Let’s notice some of

these gifts.

I. THE FIRST GIFT I believe we should give Jesus

for His birthday this year is OURSELVES. We really

haven’t given Him anything until we give Him our-


2nd Corinthians 8:5-Paul was speaking of the

churches of Macedonia, about their gift-

"...but they first gave their own selves to the

Lord, and unto us by the will of God."

Have you given yourself to Jesus? You may have

prayed, and attended worship, and given some money

to the church, but have you done the most important

thing? Have you given yourself to Jesus?

You probably have heard the illustration about the

little boy who had no money to give during the

offering time, so he climbed up into the offering

plate, and said-"Jesus, I give you all I have to

give, I give you myself." I’m certain that Jesus

wants us more than He wants anything we have.

II. Secondly, I believe that Jesus wants us to give

Him OUR HEARTS, or in other words, OUR ALLEGIANCE.

Jesus always calls us to commit our lives to Him,

in total allegiance. We are to submit to Him, and

obey Him without reservation.

If our affection for someone or something is greater

than our devotion and love to Him, then we are

"missing the boat." If we love job, family, our

own life, or anything more than Him, we are not

worthy of Him.

His question to Simon Peter by seashore is also a

question He asks us-"Do you love me more than


III. Thirdly, I believe that Christ wants us to


Jesus once told some religious leaders-"If ye be-

lieve not that I am He(the Messiah, the Saviour),

ye shall die in your sins.

We need to lean on Him, draw strenth and nourish-

ment from Him, and take Him at His word.

IV. Fourthly, I believe that JESUS WANTS US TO GIVE


"Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His right-

eousness, and all these things shall be added

unto you."

If we put Him first in all things, and give Him

glory, He will use us. He will bless us, and

be with us.

We need to offer ourselves to God, a living

sacrifice, vessels of honor, fit for the Master’s


If we don’t live what we profess, then all our

so called "religion" is a sham.



Why? Because it takes money to send out mission-

aries, to feed hungry people, to minister to the

needs of the masses.

Jesus had a great deal to say about Stewardship,

and the use of possessions, and it matters how

we make our money, and how we spend it.

Money is important. And if God blesses us with

more than we need for our own needs, then we

surely need to share some of it with others, and

the cause of Christ.

VI. Sixtly-I believe we should GIVE CHRIST OUR TIME.

Time is a precious commodity. We all are given

the same amount of time each day, but what do we

do with our time? Do we use our time to reach

out to others, and minister to them in the name

of Christ, and with the love of God?

Paul talked about "redeeming the time." We are

to capture as much of our alloted time as we can

for the use of God, and the upbuilding of His


VII. Seventhly, and finally, I want to mention that


You have God-given talents and abilities that He

has blessed you with to help others, and to reach

this world for Jesus.

Will you dedicate your voice to Him to speak and

to sing, if you have that talent?

Will you give him your hands to build, your legs

to run, your eyes to see and your mind to think

for God?

What will you give Christ this Christmas?


I hope that we will give him all the things that I

mentioned in this message today. God bless you.

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Donald Hamilton

commented on Dec 5, 2006

Thank You! Good theme and message.

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