Summary: On the way to her new homeland in the promise land, Rebekah would be perched up on top of all those riches... but first, she had given a cup of water in Jesus name...


Good Monday morning. The Bible says, “Make sure thy friend.” (Proverbs 6:3) That is the reason why I try to get out an update each week with a brief message outline. I want for us to stay in touch with one another. I do not really know if you read these thoughts… but, I do want to hear from you from time to time. It is simply nice knowing who is out there!

Yesterday was a good day for us at the Church. It is always a blessing seeing visitors come into the Church. It is even more rewarding seeing folks come back time and time again. Let us continue to pray for God’s blessings on the work.

We could use some help with new sponsors for our daily television ministry… Do you know of someone?

This Friday night, 6:30 PM is our annual “Valentine’s Banquet” at the Church. Matthew Mercurio is catering the meal for us. Bill Cornell will be our guest musician for the evening. Steak from the grill is on the menu. Will you be coming to dinner? We need to know in order to have proper preparations made.

Here is another personal prayer request, I am scheduled to have laser surgery to correct the impaired vision of my eyes on March 7th. I have already been tested and approved for the surgery. Please pray that things go well!

Another personal note… I will be celebrate my 53rd birthday Thursday. That’s 53 laps around the sun.

On this coming Sunday afternoon, February 12th, Judy and I will begin our 10 day trek south to Florida. We will be many friends and family members along the way. Please pray for our traveling mercies.

Here is the message outline in brief from Sunday Mornings Message, enjoy:

Text: Please read Genesis Chapter 24.

“I’d Rather Ride a Camel, than Look at One”

Sub Title:

“What kind of Bride does God want for his Son?”


This is the story of the servant of Abraham searching for the perfect bride for his Master’s Son, Isaac.

God paints beautiful story pictures. In this story, Abraham is a picture of the God the Father, Isaac is the picture of God the Son, the servant is a picture of God the Holy Spirit, and Rebekah is picture of the Church, the bride of Christ.

What is God looking for in a bride? What kind of expectations does God have for his Church?

On a practical side, how should a person go about looking for the right helpmate in life? This story gives us God’s divine insight.

1. Someone who is of the household of faith.

Abraham does not want his Son to marry one of the heathen Canaanite women. He asks his servant to return to his homeland and while there, to find a damsel of a kindred spirit to become the wife of his Son.

Let me remind you of these two verses of scripture:

(Amos 3:3 KJV) Can two walk together, except they be agreed?


(2 Cor 6:14 KJV) Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

2. Someone who is willing. (Love)

The servant took a vow to find a bride for his Master’s Son. But he added a dismissal clause, if the damsel was unwilling to return with him to the promise land, he would be free from the vow.

God does not want a shot gun wedding. God wants us to choose him! We are to come to Christ of our own freewill.

Now I could give you a thousand reasons why a person ought to want to choose Christ, but the point of this point of the outline is simply to mention, that if a person does not want to be saved, and would rather choose Hell over Heaven, that is their choice!

3. Someone who is God-picked.

The servant did not want to play the dating-game. Abraham had mentioned that God would send his angel before him. The servant asked God for his direction. He wanted God to make the choice.

For ages theologians have argued about the predestination of God, and the freewill of man. I really don’t have all of the answer either. But in this text you find both realities at work. God is doing the choosing, but the damsel hast to be willing to come!

It is also interesting to note that even though the servant asked God to bring the right woman along, the servant “runs” to Rebekah when he sees her, hoping that Rebekah would be God’s choice too! Note verse 17 in the text.

Are you afraid of letting go, and letting God make the choices in your life? After reading this text, let me remind you that Rebekah was God’s perfect choice for the bride of Isaac. God loves you. If you rely upon his wisdom, you will never regret the choices he makes for your life!

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