Summary: Many are demonised and don’t know that they are. This passage teaches you to identify demons and deliver yourself.

Mark 5:1-20

Jesus and His disciples go through a great storm – Mark 4: 38

Jesus was sleeping and woke up and calmed the storm.

When the reached the other side a possessed man runs out.

How to identify if you are demonised

1) Cemetery – Kioman (Greek for put to sleep)

- A Dead Spirit (Spiritually Dead – No Hunger for God’s Word or prayer)

- No Life, No desire for God….

Romans 12:1 – Holy and Living Sacrafice….

2) Burial Tombs – Tumbos (Greek to Burial Chamber)

- A Dark Place (Jesus came to give light, the devil came to give darkness)

- Sin, Evil Thoughts

- Closed to Everyone – Not Friendly, Self Centered, Egoistic

- Pungent Smell – Bad Aroma…Sin and Death. (Jesus Sweet aroma)

- Deep Hurts – Keeps Grudges…Hatred and revenge

3) Could not be restrained

- Rebellious Spirit – never submit to authority

- Critical Spirit – Always finds fault

- Jezebel Spirit – Always wants power and control

- Evil Plots – plans to destroy

- Never takes correction

- Self mutilation or Afflicts self with pain

- Sucide Spirit

- Murder Spirit

How to be set free

1) Look to Jesus – Vs 6

Realise that you need deliverance and look to Jesus

2)Run to Jesus – Vs 6


- Realise that only Jesus can set you free

- Run To Jesus

3) Bow Down Low Before Jesus – Vs 6

- A sense of submission

- Placing everything at Jesus Feet.

4)Testify of what Jesus Has Done – Vs 19

- tell everyone what Jesus has done that He may be glorified

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