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Summary: Most people have no idea the talents and gifts they have and even fewer are willing to use them for the kingdom of God.

Identifying your gifts and talents

Romans chapter 12:4-8


Most people do not even realize the gifts that God has given them.

Most people do not accomplish much more than surviving.

They never take chances so they never allow God to stretch them

Romans chapter 12:4-8

He (Apostle Paul) tells us that just like our human bodies made up of many different parts, so it is with the body of Christ. (Church) Our bodies are made up with many moving parts but function for one body.

The church is made up of many different people that when the body is functioning properly should be doing many different things.

Our bodies function best when our bodies do what they are suppose too.

Feet carry us from one place to another and keep our balance.

Our eyes help us so we can see.

Our arms are mechanical extensions to pick up and put down, to carry and to hold things.

When things in the body start doing their own thing or don’t do what they were created to do, they are repaired or removed from the body so the body can continue to function.

Apostle Paul tells us here that we have different gifts, according to the grace given to each one of us.

Let’s talk about that!

I believe the word of Gold is clear that each one of us is given gifts by God. (Repeat)

We have natural abilities.

We have learned skills. All given by God is one way or another.

When we were molded and created in the womb, I believe God gives us our personality, and abilities. He also gives talents to everyone of us. At least one, often more than one, and we can use those talents for personal satisfaction, to better the world, to build God’s church.

Each person decides if they will find and use their talents God has given them, and then decides if he/she will also use them to build God’s kingdom.

We have a choice – millions of people everyday take what God has given them and strictly use it for their own personal use.

Some even believe that God didn’t have anything to do with their gifts and do not even acknowledge God.

When a person becomes a Christian, a follower of Christ, God takes those talents that He has already given you and repurposes from only personal to also using for the kingdom of God.

The talents God gives is not restricted to the 4 walls of the church, but can be used for God.

Not everyone is a preacher, but everyone should be doing something for the kingdom of God.

Singing for the Lord

Building for the Lord.

Driving truck for the Lord.

Cleaning, maintenance, book keeping, painting, etc…

You can even work at a place that does not allow you to share your faith and you can still be doing it as unto the Lord.

Something else happens when a person comes to Christ- Christ Spirit draws you close to Himself, you respond and the Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit of God fills us and that He dwells within us.

That is why even if we feel alone, we are never alone because He promises to be with us and never leave us or forsake us.

The Holy Spirit of God dwells within us and takes up residency in you and I.

This is God’s spiritual gift to us. The promise of the Holy Spirit’s power working in your life, encouraging, empowering, directing, and fulfilling His purpose in our lives.

What we give back to Him is our spiritual gift to Him.

The question I am asked the most after a sermon like this is, “What gifts and abilities has God given me?”

How can I know my gifts?

After talking with you awhile, I could possible see your gifts and talents, but that question is better answered by spending time with the Lord and asking Him what can I give back and use for you.


Let me give you an illustration of a hypothetical situation and you figure what part would best fit for you.

Your driving down the road behind a truck filled with people and in the back of the pick up the truck is full of chicken cages. The truck suddenly swerves out of control and runs off the road and into the ditch. The cages go flying out and chickens are running all over the place. You and many others stop and try to help those in need.

Think what your first response would be.

Are you…the take charge person? You begin to figure out what happen and what is needed and you are telling people what is needed.

Are you… the person who organizes and oversees the details? You have people direct traffic, you have people chasing chickens.

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