Summary: Do you know your true identity with God and are you living it or masking it?

Before we read our text this morning, let us be reminded that God revealed Himself through the Nation of Israel. Israel is God’s Chosen People! And we note in the Old Testament that the Philistines have been an enemy of Israel since the beginning of the nation.

Please open your Bibles now to 1 Samuel 29…. read along with me the story of David, who was the hero of Israel for killing the Philistine Goliath but then sided with the enemy to run away from Israel’s King Saul. 1 Samuel 29

v1: battle line was set between Philistines against Israel

v2a: Philistines army were units of hundreds and thousands! God does not tell us how many were in Israel’s army but God told us earlier that when King Saul saw the Philistine army, he was terrified to death.

And we note a crazy thing;

v2b: David and his army (Israelites) were ready to fight on the side of the Philistines!

And so,

v3a: Commanders of Philistine Army questioned the intent of the Hebrews being in their army!

v3b: The Philistine King vouched for the allegiance of David!

2 significant things:

1. David totally sold out to the enemy!

2. David’s army were fools to follow him!

v4-7: Because the commanders were angry, King Achish told David and his army to go home.

Now look again at v8… What was David blind to??

It was clear that David and the Hebrews did not belong to the Philistine army battling Israel their own people!! David was blind to his own identity! Why??

David went to the Philistines to run away from King Saul of Israel and David never sought counsel from God about the situation! David was blinded to his own identity because of self-comfort and self-wisdom!

Being blind to his identity led David and his men to trouble! As we will note next week in chapter 30, David and his men left their wives and families to be with the enemy, the Philistines, and a tragedy happened that got them on their knees to reestablish their true identities with God!

Now some of you may be going through some troubles right now, perhaps it’s time to get on our knees as well. I am serving as a Pastor today because many times in the past, God brought me to my knees; and I know I still have to do it more often. I believe the more we get on our knees to pray, the more God will encourage and use us for His glory. James 4:10 tells us “Humble yourselves before the Lord and He will lift you up!”

Back to David in 1 Samuel 29,

David was called by God and was growing in his faith in God but because of desiring self-comfort, he forgot his true identity and trusted his own wisdom instead of God’s which got him and his army into troubles! (repeat)

What about us today? First of all we noted this last week with Saul, and with David this morning, no one can run away from God, sooner or later we all have to pay the consequences of running away from God by not believing in Him and obeying Him.

God revealed Himself through Israel. God perfectly reveals Himself through Jesus Christ who became a human being as an Israelite! Why did God Jesus Christ have to become a human being? God created the first man and woman perfectly, but because they disobeyed God, Adam and Eve became imperfect. Sin makes every person in this world imperfect and separated from God.

All of us sin and fall short of the glory and holiness of God and we deserve God’s judgment! But God is love, what is His answer to man’s dilemma?

Jesus Christ, as God and an Israelite, died for the world’s sin to save whoever believes!

John 3:16 is a must know Bible verse …………….. For God so loved the world that He gave His One and Only Son (Jesus Christ) that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life!

1. Every person must believe in God and Jesus Christ in order to find their true identity! Have you found your true identity by returning to your Creator God through belief in Jesus Christ?

Today is the day to find your true identity as a child of God! Believe in Jesus Christ today! If you don’t believe in Jesus Christ, your life will be in constant question. If you do not really fully believe in Jesus Christ as your only God and Savior, you are an enemy of God and your identity is with the devil’s army. Believe in Jesus Christ and be part of God’s army!

As we regularly refer to Hebrews 9:27 - Just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment…

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