Summary: Have you seen the identity theft commercials that the City Visa card is doing on TV? We have an identity theft crisis in America. We also have one in the church. Who are you? If you know who you are what you do comes naturally.

Identity Theft

Pastor Jamie Wright * Maranatha Fellowship Church * 04-21-04

Identity is the door to your destiny

You are a sum total of all the decisions you make.

On what do you base your decisions? Why do people commit adultery? They forget they who they are; I am a husband I can’t do this.

What is the common denominator for people making bad decisions? Men of God don’t do things like this. Christian homes don’t act this. The Body of Christ doesn’t do those types of things. Pastors don’t do this.

Why do people do these things? In a moments notice the devil had stolen their identity. That is the common denominator.

Your identity is the key to your destiny

When you know who you are confidence rises up in you. Then you know what the next step is for your life.

* The goal of the enemy is to steal the identity of the believers.

If Satan can get you to forget about who you are, then you will forget about your destiny.

When your identity is stolen then you end up turning into a guy like this.

City Identity theft solutions commercial says- Need help getting your life back? We will give you solutions to identity theft.

Help getting your life back. You just need to know who you are.

I want to give you some Biblical solutions to prevent identity theft in your spiritual walk.

The devil will no longer steal our identity if you know who you are.

When he steals your identity you forget where your destiny is.

Identity theft is a serious thing in our country.

Visiting through our airports, then we want to know who you are. We are now Finger printing all people coming into our country so we can put them in our system. We want to know who they are. Why? Because your identity tells us how you are going to act.

*Don’t tell me what you do! I am a plumber, I am a nurse….no

Tell me who you are.

There is something about identity that is linked to destiny issues.

Tell me who you are and I will tell you what you are supposed to be doing.

Every 79 seconds in America there is an identity theft victim the stealing of someone’s identity.

Technology tells us in the next two years there will be a massive identity theft crisis in our nation.

*Not just natural also in the spiritual.

The devil is about to unleash a deceptive tool. A massive identity theft conspiracy

Because if he can get you for just a moment to forget who you are; he will get you to make decisions based on your emotions and not based off of your identity.

Identity theft is a serious issue

Random check of credit reports in 2003 50% credit reports checked were victims and they didn’t even know. It is serious

1 of 50 people will fall victim to it in 2004.

It will take every victim close to $1500 dollars to repair the damage and get things put back together not counting lawyers fees

*Here is the tragedy of identity theft-

You can spend your whole life building your credit, building your identity credit and in one moment somebody steals your identity and your future is destroyed.

The same thing happens in the spiritual realm. You can spend your entire life building your spiritual identity but all it takes is one moment to forget who you are and make a stupid decision and it will take you and I years to fix what one decision did, because we forgot who we are.

*Identity is a powerful thing.

When you learn who you are you stop wondering around wondering what my next step is. Just figure out who you are and what you do becomes natural a no brainier.

God understands this. Exodus- God introduced to Moses in a burning bush

First time God is appearing the people of Israel. First time.

Lead my people out of Egypt. Moses asked in chapter 3…what is your name … my name is I am who I am. You tell them I Am sent you. What was God doing?

Moses wasn’t asking please tell us what you are going to do for us. Tell us your actions your destiny what kind of God are you going to be. Who are you because your identity will tell me who you are going to be?

I am that I am has sent you.

In other words, tell them whatever they need me to be whenever they need me to be it that is the kind of life I will life because of my identity

God comes on the scene before you can understand my destiny you have to understand my identity

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