Summary: Father's Day message for 2016 - It challenges men to be proactive servant-leaders of their home

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I would help them know I understand and am cheering for them, and that they should never doubt that I am in their corner - even when they blow it.

You see, kids are often frustrated with the standard of perfection we set before them. Most kids really believe it is impossible to please their parents. Kids LONG for their parent’s approval – and they get frustrated when they feel like they will never measure up or make us happy.

Don’t demand perfection. Sometimes I think we are more concerned with how we LOOK to our FRIENDS than how we look to our kids!

If I could go back, I would lighten up. Overreacting gets old. If we are smart, we will realize that humans make mistakes – especially little humans. And if we want people to cut US some slack when WE mess up, maybe we ought to cut our children a little slack when THEY mess up. If you want to frustrate a kid and turn him against you, keep demanding perfection. The next time YOU blow it, be glad you have a heavenly Father who doesn’t demand perfection from YOU.

4. Fourth, I would be a better listener. I would listen to what they say. I would listen to what they are NOT saying. I would listen to their pains and problems and worries. I would listen instead of constantly telling them to wait for a commercial. I would do a better job listening when they are young, so they will want to talk to me when they are older.

Interesting how, when kids are small, they are little chatterboxes. But when they get older, they quit talking to their parents – preferring to talk to their friends.

Some of this is natural. Some of it isn’t.

When dads put a greater priority on a sit-com than they do listening to their children, when dads are more concerned with their work or hobbies than talking to their children, don’t be surprised when they think you don’t care.

5. Fifth, I would pray more. We have tried to raise our children with prayer, but I often fail to pray like I should.

I haven’t prayed enough that I would be the father they need.

I haven’t prayed for patience and kindness like I should.

I would pray more.

Pray for their salvation

their purity

their choices in friends and in a mate.

Pray that they would grow up to serve the Lord.

Pray about the little things that have a way of becoming HUGE

when God is left out of the equation.

Pray more…

6. Sixth, I would encourage more. Words have GREAT power. I would affirm and encourage them. Why? Because all my years of growing up, I never remember hearing my father say, “I’m proud of you.” Or, “I’m glad you are MY son.” I don’t EVER remember him telling me he loved me. And because of that, I spent so much of my life looking for affirmation from others... growing up to be a man-pleaser, constantly struggling with feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt.

I don’t want my children to go through that. I want them to know that I am the proudest daddy in the world… that they don’t have to look for affirmation somewhere else.

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