Summary: Sermon on resurrection based on Job’s question in Job 14:14

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If a Man Dies, Shall He Live Again? Job 14:14

INTRO.: Story of Job’s trials. Seldom has anyone suffered like Job. Yet, we see the hand of God at work even in his terrible circumstances. Job’s three friends provide no comfort. Job is at the point of death, so he ponders issues of life and death.

The question he raises is common to every man and woman. It is the question to which all philosophers seek an answer.

I. The question: Is there life after death? Job’s experience says, “no.”

A. He is very emphatic about it:

1. Man’s life is fleeting. Vv. 1, 2

2. His days are determined. God has decided it all.

3. A tree has more chance of living again. 7-9

4. Man is like a lake that dries up or a river that runs dry. 11, 12

5. “Life is hard. I’d rather be in the grave until you need me”

6. “You’d think God would remember me and call to me in love to come to Him.”

7. “My hope is eroded and washed away.” 18-22

B. Our human experience confirms this:

1. We’ve never seen anyone come back from the dead:

2. We are frequently shocked by the number of people who are no longer with us.

3. When someone stops breathing and his heart stops, if we revive him, we call it a “near death” experience.

4. When I have heard doctors pronounce someone dead, they say, “He is gone.”

C. We’ve read of exceptions:

1. Elijah raised a widow’s son.

2. Jesus raised three people from the dead.

3. He arose Himself from the dead.

4. Paul raised Eutychus.

5. But, none of these are within our experience.

D. Every person born will one day die. It is the common experience of man:

1. Before death, we waste away.

2. In death we give up the ghost.

3. After death, where are we? No one sees us again. They plant flowers over our graves.

II. The answer; Faith says “yes.” Job 19:25, 26

A. The flesh raises only questions. Faith provides answers.

1. He wants his words to be inscribed permanently for posterity.

2. He knows he has a living Redeemer.

3. He knows this Redeemer will one day stand upon the earth.

4. Moreover, He will be lifted up from the earth on a cross, raised from the earth in resurrection, ascend above the earth, and return to the earth.

5. Jesus lives. - the Easter message

6. This Redeemer will enable Job personally to see God in his own flesh even after he is dead.

B. Jesus lives - read the Easter story: Matt. 28:1-20

1. This is the story that has changed human history.

2. There were numerous witnesses to verify the story. I Cor. 1:5-8.

3. He continues to live and will one day return for us. John 14:1-3

C. So, we shall live.

1. We died with Him in Christian baptism. Rom. 6:8

2. A trustworthy saying. II Tim. 2:11, 12. This may have been part of an early Church hymn.

3. We have God’s word on a resurrection and eternal life. I Thess. 4:13-17

CONC.: “If a man dies sill he live again?” God’s answer is “yes!” and He has proven it by raising Jesus from the dead. Easter says there is life after death and one day we will see our Redeemer standing on the earth once again.

Will you be ready?

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