Summary: All of Christianity hinges on the fact that Christ is risen.

If Christ Is Not Risen

I Corinthians 15: 12-17

1. If there is no resurrection then Christ is not risen

2. If Christ is not risen then.

 Preaching is in vain

 Faith is in vain

 Anyone who says that He did is falsely testifying of the fact and are false witnesses

3. We are yet in our sins

The fact we believe that there is a resurrection of the dead and that Christ died and rose form the grave on the 3rd day is the entire basis for what we believe as Christians

Not His Death Alone!

With a call for unity and acceptance the stance that Jesus is the only way to salvation (Acts 4:12) becomes a slogan for in- tolerance.


Teachings of Muhammad

Islam – Monotheistic Religion founded around 600 AD by the

alleged greatest prophet in a long line of prophets

teaches submission to Allah

Mohamed - died in 632 AD shortly after his last pilgrimage to

Mecca with over 100,000 followers


Teachings of Siddhartha Guatama founded over 2,500 years ago

in India

Buddism – Dedicated to teaching the ways to cease suffering

Guatama – died in 486 B.C. at the age of 80 with a considerable

following and a well organized community


Teachings of Confucius founded over 2,500 years ago in


Confucianism – Dedicated to teaching the way out of social

degradation, social disorder and moral decay

was to return to the teachings of the ancestors.

Confucius – died in 484 B.C. and was buried in a tomb in

QuFu (Chu – fu) Shandong China

To be a great humanitarian and have a following and your teachings endure time after your death and impact thousands of lives IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

Not that there was Blood Shed Alone!

 Adam and Eve in the Garden the fig leaves was no covering for their nakedness God had to shed blood in order to provide a covering. If the shedding of blood were good enough alone then that act in the garden by God would have taken care of the disobedience.

 The approximate 2,500 lambs slaughtered a day in the tabernacle and the temple provided a covering but was not good enough alone to remove the penalty of sin. Hebrews 10:4

 The blood of the countless number of prophets and martyr’s that was shed on road to Jesus was not good enough to pay the price for the redemption of mankind.

Not that He has Risen Alone!

Matthew 27: 51-53


The manner of his death

Isaiah 53: 2-7

 Betrayed for 30 pieces of silver

2-3 months wages for a laborer

Amount paid for accidentally killing a slave

 Forsaken by His friends

Not one of His disciples could be found to testify on His behalf.

 Arrested, Tried and Convicted

Unjustly on trumped up charges

 Mocked, ridiculed and scoffed at

 Beaten with rods

 Spit upon

 Beard ripped out

 Whipped

 Crown of thorns jammed into His skull

 Nailed to the cross

A slow tortuous and publicly humiliating death

Dehydration, Massive blood loss and suffocation

Not a bone in His body was broken

 Pierced His side

Rupturing of the heart would produce the last concentrated amount of blood in his body after His death.

His blood had to be shed

Hebrews 9: 11-14

Hebrews 9: 22

He had to rise from the dead

I Corinthians 15: 20-23

The manner of death – Paid for the penalty of sin.

The blood being shed – Redeemed us back to God

The Resurrection – The victory over death and the grave

It took all 3

His death

His blood

His resurrection

For our Redemption and Salvation to be complete.

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