Summary: If little ol' David can defeat the big bad giant called Goliath, we can defeat the Goliath in our lives.

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I Samuel 17:1-11, 48-51

Topic- If David can defeat Goliath, so can I

There was a rap song by Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince that came out in the early 1990's that was entitled, "I think I can beat Mike Tyson". The basis for that song was that during the 1980's up to 1990, Mike Tyson was an undefeated heavyweight champion boxer, who had won 37 fights in a row, mostly all on knockouts in the first round. Mike Tyson at the time was known to be the most feared boxer. He was so feared because he was knocking people out left and right. Mike Tyson was so feared by other boxers during his heyday that they didn't really want to fight him because he was known to hit very hard, especially in the rib cages, and he would give them injuries that would last for months. But most of the boxers fought Mike Tyson anyway because number one they was a big pay day afterwards for fighting Mike Tyson, and number two, the fight would only last less than three minutes anyway, so they would just go in there and get pummeled by Mike Tyson and go home rich and happy.

The rap song, "I think I can beat Mike Tyson", was really considered a joke because nobody in their right mind during that day and time even thought Mike Tyson could be defeated by anyone except by God himself. The song itself was such a joke that even Mike Tyson played himself in the video. Yes, the song was considered a joke until one night on Saturday February 11, 1990 in Tokyo, Japan. On that night in Tokyo, Japan, Mike Tyson was scheduled to fight this boxer a virtual unknown by the name of James Douglas. Everybody on that night just knew that Mike Tyson was going to score another knockout and win the fight. In matter of fact, the odds were against James Douglas 42-1 to even win the fight. Nobody expected James Douglas to defeat Mike Tyson except for this one person, and that was James Douglas himself. And surprisingly, and shockingly, James Douglas scored a TKO knockout over Mike Tyson in the 10th round because he didn't just think he can beat Mike Tyson, but he believed he can beat Mike Tyson. He believed if he could box Mike Tyson past the first round, past the fifth round, past the seventh round, or past the 10th round, he would have a chance in defeating Mike Tyson because he discovered that Mike Tyson was not as strong after three rounds. And after James Douglas had defeated Mike Tyson on that fateful night on Saturday February 11, 1990 in Tokyo, Japan, other boxers began to say to themselves, " If James Douglas can beat Mike Tyson, so can I."

Now in the word of God, there was a match between two individuals that brought about shocking and surprising results. And it was a match between David and Goliath.

Right now, in New Orleans, there is a chant that goes like this, "Who dat, Who dat? Who dat can beat them Saints?"

In the Word of God, there was a question that was being asked, "Who dat? Who dat? Who dat can beat Goliath?"

Now the question is who is Goliath?

Goliath was a champion, muscular Philistine giant, who stood close to 10 feet tall, who wore heavy bronze brass amour from the head to toe. He was one who carried a long and large sword, spear and a shield for protection and to till.. He was the leader of the Phillistine army, who were fierce enemies of nation Israel. To make a long story short, Goliath was a giant who was undefeated, he was a champion who never lost a battle. In matter of fact, every time the Philistines would go to war against any nation, they were confident they would win, because with Goliath on the front line for them, they would never lose a battle at war. And everybody, including the children of Israel was afraid of Goliath. And what made things worse was that Goliath would always act like a bully towards the children of Israel because he would taunt and challenge them to fight him one on one. But no man would even dare to try to fight Goliath one on one because of fear. But just like the 2008 New England Patriots undefeated winning streak came to an end at the Super Bowl, Goliath winning streak came to an end at the hands of an unlikely foe from one of the children of Israel who didn't fear him, which was a little boy named David.

Now the question is , Who was David?

David was the youngest and the eighth son of Jesse. He was from the tribe of Judah of the nation of Israel. Now compared to Goliath, he was just a little ol' skinny dude.

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