6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: The testing of our faith.

We live in a world full of trouble and problems, there are problems after problems. Not many of us can truly say "I don’t have any problems" Job even said it himself, "Man born of a woman but for a few days and full of trouble. But Job goes on to reason that since his days on earth are already determined, and the number of his months are already with God, and God has set a limit, the limit that God has already set cannot bypass any of us. God has set a day for all of us, Scientist cannot develop a pill that will give us some added years on earth, because God is in control of our time on this earth.

The Psalmist said, "Teach us to number our days" and what this actually means is that our days are numbered.

And since our days are numbered,it stands to reason that the trials and tribulations are just temporary

Trials and tribulations are not new to us, the very moment you exit the comfort of your mother’s womb,and entered into this world, the doctor took you up by your ankles and slapped you on your hindside. It was as if you were being told, welcome to this mean ol’ world.

The doctor hits you, and you haven’t done anything, you’re just a baby. But from that day on, people, situations; and circumstances will keep on hitting you and you haven’t done anything to deserve it. As we journey through this life, we know that there is a constant enemy against the children of God. Namely the devil, he is a busy creature, we also know that he is refered to as a thief. But he is much more that just your average run of the mill thief, most theives are satisfied with taking something that does not belong to them, but this thief wants to do more than that, he wants to kill and destroy he utterly hates the children of God.

He operates on a deadline, he’s a ’deadline devil’ one of his favorite lies he likes to use against us is that

our situation is getting worse and that God is not going to answer our prayer in time-and that we might as well take matters into our own hands or better yet just give up. He’ll say look at these problems that you facing, one right after the other, nothing’s going to change, every thing will remain the same-all you really have to look forward to is more and more problems. The devil is the "father of lies" in times of trouble, in times of pain and suffering, he comes around to make matters even worse. He tries to turn us against the only hope we have.

He’ll try to get us to believe during the times of discouragement, that there is nothing left. But the God we serve is much too merciful to leave us with nothing, if we make the sad mistake of acting as if everything is gone, then we have no gratitude for the things He has already done for us, we become an ungrateful person and an ungrateful person is always an unhappy person and a very miserable person.

We need to understand that only God can write a period, the most man can do is write a comma, because there’s always something coming afterwards. What do you do when you face one problem after another? What do you do when the dust starts flying? When the smoke gets thick, and the fire is too hot? Do you reason with yourself and say well I’m trying to believe? But the devil is very interested in just how much you believe.

He’s a defeated enemy (he doesn’t want you to know this) but he’s already been defeated. He was defeated at Calvary, his head was cut off. He’s like a dead snake, they tell me that a dead snake is still dangerous. A dead snake still has a reflex, and if you get too close it can still strike. The devil is called the serpent, and eventhough his head was cut off, eventhough he was definitely defeated there at Calvary. He still is able to strike, if it were but for a season.

The Bible doesn’t indicate this, but I believe it may have crossed Job’s mind (during this time) that if it ain’t one thing, it’s another. You’ve said this to yourself at one time haven’t you? When trouble comes, trouble, trouble, trouble! You know one thing about trouble is that it’s one of the few things we don’t to have worry about running out of. If you want trouble you don’t have to go out and look for it, trouble will find you! Trouble is smart, trouble can dial your number, trouble knows your address, trouble knows your name and the names of your children, trouble likes to lie down between a husband and wife. Many times trouble likes to clock in with you on your job.

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