Summary: Part 15 in a series on Psalm 119

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If It Weren’t for People

Part 15

Sermon Series: A Word about the Word

Date: July 20, 2003 P.M. Service

Place: Allendale Baptist Church

Text: Psalm 119:113-120


I have heard this statement and have used it a time or two myself; “If it weren’t for people”. A pastor might say; “If it weren’t for people I’d be a good pastor.” As a Sales Manager I often said; “If it weren’t for salesmen and customers, I’d be a good manager.”

Well the fact of the matter is that people and yea even those difficult to deal with people built character in our lives. It amazes me that God brings many different types of people into our lives to grow and make us the person He desires us to be.

In every section of this psalm the writer has dealt with a different areas of our lives. This section deals with the pressures the psalmist feels from folks who do not like him; he calls them “evildoers” or his “enemies.”

· In the midst of his crying out that God might deal with them, he prays that he might remain faithful to the Word of God.

· It seems that the psalmist speaks to these around him about God, and then speaks to God about them.

· The psalmist seems to be confessing before God his weakness and has had some tempting and trying times and admits he has a problem.

· The thrust of this psalm is the struggle a person has in their spiritual walk.

In these firs 3 verses we notice the psalmist talking about…

I. His Conflict vv. 113-115

A. Genuine Pressure

1. A dread of vain thoughts.

a. “I hate vain Thoughts.”

b. The word vain can be translated here in two different ways:

1. Divided.

2. Empty.

c. It does not seem that he is speaking of those that are around him, but of his own thoughts.

d. He knows the right way to respond but is having divided thoughts.

e. He realizes his thoughts toward those that are against him are wrong and are empty.

f. He not only hates vain, divided or empty thoughts in others, but he hates them in his own life.

Next we see...

2. A delight in the rule of duty.

a. “but Thy law do I love.”

b. Matthew Henry says this; “The more we love the Word of God, the more we will master our vain thoughts.”

c. The more we spend in God Word the more our thoughts and action will reflect the Lord Jesus Christ.

d. It is like that old saying the more time you spend with a person the more you think act and look like them.

· Well, what about our lives dear Christian friend are you more and more each day taking on the likeness of you Savior.

· If Jesus is Lord of your life do you reflect His characteristics as you walk with Him?

Next we see

B. Generous Provision

1. God’s care for us.

a. “Thou art my hiding place and my shield.”

b. Remember throughout David’s life when Saul pursued him, David often took to places of shelter, and when in battle he guarded himself with a shield.

c. Now God is both to him.

d. And God is both to us; to all believers we are safe under God’s protection.

· He is our strength and our shield.

· He is our help and our shied.

· He is our sun and our shield.

· He is our shield and our great reward.

· He is our hiding place and our shield.

Next we see…

2. Our confidence in God.

a. “I hope in Thy Word.”

b. When can hope in God we see ourselves under God’s divine protection.

c. Someone has said those who hope on God’s provision will have the benefit of His power and be taken under His special protection.

Next notice a…

C. Guarded Promise

1. A firm and fixed resolution to live a holy life.

a. “For I will keep the commandments of my God.”

b. All around the psalmist are evildoers trying to lour him away from his commitment to the Lord.

c. He has admitted his weaknesses and his sin but again reaffirms his commitment from this day forward to walk closer to God.

Look at his

2. Farwell to bad company.

a. “Depart from me, ye evildoers.”

b. Although we cannot remove ourselves totally from the world, we can remove the world from us.

c. This verse does not mean we should not be around with unsaved people, but it does imply we should not associate with them.

d. I do honestly believe we as Christians should not totally remove ourselves from those that need to hear the gospel the most and that is sinners.

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