Summary: Rev. 22:20 says, "Even so come Lord Jesus.

Rev. 22:20 says, "Even so come Lord Jesus." The next

great event on God's program is the coming of the Lord

Jesus Christ back to planet earth. His coming is sure, it

will be selective, and it will be sudden. How blessed to

know that if Jesus came today we can be ready for Him

and not be ashamed at His coming. It should be our prayer, as it was that of the Apostle John, that Jesus would come very soon. What will happen for the saints of God if Jesus came today?

I. Burdens Would Be Eliminated. Notice the "no mores" in Rev. 21. Those things listed cause us to at times be burdened down in this life. A "burden" speaks of a "load" or "something that weighs down and oppresses." First, pain causes us burdens. Many folks live day and night with excruciating and annoying pain. As well, pressures in every day life can bring us many heavy loads we never anticipated.

II. Blessings Will Be Enhanced. We have many blessings in the here and now, but wait until you pass through the pearly white gates of the place called heaven. Families will be reunited, felicity (happiness) will be reaped when we go up to be with the Lord, and our full revelation of spiritual things will be complete.

III. Bounty Will Be Enjoyed. Many of us in this life do not and never will own a mansion down here. Most of us will never have hundreds of pounds of gold and silver in this life, but it will be different in heaven. Many of us do not have the hours we would love to have to be involved in the things of God with others every day, when Jesus comes we will be ushered into eternity. We enjoy a lot of bounty now spiritually, but wait until we enter into celestial glory!

IV. Beauty Will Be Envisioned. Look in Rev. 21 and see the beauty of that glorious city. There will be plenty of light, for Jesus is the Light of that heavenly city. There will be beautiful stones and transparent gold streets. There will mansions that would make the best homes in America look like a shack. What beauty there will be when He comes!

V. Blessed Redeemer Will Be Emphasized. The Bible tells us the

throne of the Lamb is in the midst. Why is that so? God has designed that His Son be high and lifted up for all to see. Would it not be logical and sensible that Jesus throne be in the midst of all of the activity of the heavenly city? He may just come today!

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