Summary: You do not doubt that God is able to work mightliy in your life. You know he can, but you may question if He will.

If Jesus Can, He Will

Matthew 8:3 And Jesus put forth his hand, and touched him, saying, I will; be thou clean. And immediately his leprosy was cleansed.

"I Will", one of most powerful statements ever made by our Lord Jesus Christ.

We long to hear those words spoken into our lives, especially in our hour of desparation.

Some of us hear this morning may discover that we fit the profile of the leprous man in the book of Matthew. While you may not be terminllay ill with some dreadful disease such as leprousy, you still need a move of God in your life as much as any. You do not doubt that God is able to work mightliy in your life. You know he can, but you may question if He will.

Jesus wants you to know ’this morning, that he is not only God "Who can"

He is God "Who will."

He neither lacks the desire or the ability to perform a mighty work in your life. "If Jesus Can, Then He Will."

The question may be asked this morning, "What does it take to get a move of God in my life?"

There have been countless books written on this very subjet, to be sure. Why?

Because everyone wants the favor or blessing of God in their life.

Who in here this morning, does not want a finacial blessing, a blessing of healing, or a closer walk with the Lord this morning? There is not a one in this buildikng that does not want God do something in their lives.

That’s not to say that everyone is willing to come to God and surrender their will and their lives to Him, but they still want their blessing nonetheless.

However, it is different when the need is as desparate as that of this leprous man.

Consider the life of this man.

He probaly spent everyday of his life thinking on primarily two things:

1.) "How I would like to be made whole."

In other words he long to be normal like everyone else.

2.)"How much longer do I have left to live."

Because leprousy in those days was and still is quite often fatal.

Leprousy deforms and ultimately destroys its victim slowly, much like cancer.

The difference being that most cancer destroys from the inside, while leprousy is visible. A person’s skin becomes a deathly white color.

Whole appendages such as fingers and arms seem to rot away in the advanced stages of this disease.

When people saw a leprous person coming, they would clear a wide path around him because, it was a highly contagious disease.

1.Consider also that in those days much of the medical practice was more like medical experiements, so a doctor was quiet of little help.

2. If you were a leper, you days were spent in isolation. To the world, you were a walking dead man, and if anyone came in contact with another sick person, they were considered ceremonially unclean.

3. By Law a person with leprousy was required to alert passerbys of his condition by hollering out I am unclean!

Perhaps that kind of describes you this morning.

A walking dead man.

People around you are just looking for you to killover at any moment.

Your family life is leprous.

Your finances are leprous.

Your job is leprous.

Your health is leprous.

But somehow you are still alive and barely making it.

You refuse to give up!

You keep searching for an answer, but the answer has yet to come.

You need a healing, you need a miracle!

But its yet to come!

But I want to tell you this morning to hold on!

Don’t give up! You see Jesus is on the way,

He is descending from the mountaintop on the way to meet "whosoever will;"

He and He alone has the cure for every leprous situation in your life!

I have come to tell you that Jesus Christ is Jehovah God

He is your healer and provider!

He is your waymaker this morning!

You see the Leper did not find Jesus!

Jesus came down from that mountain and found the leper!

This was not sheer coincidence, this was by divine appointment.

Today, this leper’s life was about to be changed.

That means you have a choice to make this morning!

If you have any need this morning you can be like one of the many in the throng of followers of Jesus, and keep your place in the crowd, hidden and camoflouged in guilt and shame.

Or you can be like the leprous man, when he made his appearance Matthew wrote:

2. And, behold, there came a leper and worshipped him.

In otherwords, he got somebody’s attention!

He wasn’t supposed to be running towards a person in his condition.

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