Summary: This is a Children’s Sermon on God’s love

Children’s Sermon

“If Leaves Could Talk”

Text: Psalm 19:1

Props: A bag of autumn leaves or a picture of autumn leaves

Sermon Objective: Jesus uses his creation as a way to communicate Himself to the world. God uses other things to communicate to us as well.

Hello everyone! I have been looking forward to being with you this morning!

I have something in the treasure box to show you. That’s right … it is full of Autumn leaves! Aren’t the colors beautiful?!

One of the reasons I love walking in the woods during the fall is the leaves. Their colors can be striking and it can be very refreshing to the spirit. I have also discovered something else about leaves. It goes back to a verse in Psalms 19:1: The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

I have discovered that God can “talk” to me through things like leaves. No! It is a not a real voice. But God can remind me of some very important truths about him as I look at leaves.

Every year God replenishes the leaves on a tree. Every year is gives us colors that are beautiful and exhilarating. Every year he lets the leaves fall to the ground and decompose in order to nourish the forest floor.

My point is that God is always talking care of His world in quiet ways that we might miss. God is also always giving us evidence that He is with us when He does this too!

For me … it is the way God “whispers” his presence to me in a reassuring manner.

I have discovered that if I will listen closely and watch carefully that God will show me His love and presence in a lot of surprising ways!

For example … I hold in my hand what is called “A Discharge of Mortgage.” That that is a fancy term that you have probably never heard of but when it means is that the bank says that we no longer have to pay anything for our church … that we now own it all by ourselves!

Now, as exciting as that it to your mommy and daddy it also “whispers” something to us from God too. It tells us that God has been faithful to us and that God has plans for us here at the Naz. It tells us that God has confidence in us as a people!

I want to encourage you to start looking and listening to the whisper of God and he takes things like leaves and pieces of paper and gives you a warm feeling of love and acceptance okay?

Let’s pray together.

This Children’s Sermon is provided by Dr. Kenneth Pell

Potsdam Church of the Nazarene

Potsdam, New York

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