Summary: Palm Sunday Sermon


A) Tell the story of the colt that leads up to this point! * This was a miracle of itself!

* The text that I read this morning is talking about praising Jesus! * We can’t do enough of it!

* Speedy Praise ... “at the decent ...” * They were praising Him before He even got there!

* Unanimous Praise ... “the whole multitude of ...” * Not a one who withheld his song!

* And yet, I suppose those disciples had their trials as we have ours!

B) There might have been a sick wife at home, or a child withering with disease!

* They were doubtless poor (fishermen), and poverty is a heavy burden!

* They were men just like us ... Struggled with temptation and sin, and yet, there seems to be no

one who excluded himself from the choirs that happy day!

C) Demonstrative Praise ... “with a loud voice ...” I’m not gonna be quiet!

* If homosexuals and others can openly flaunt their lifestyles without apologizing, then Christians

should be willing to represent Jesus without apology, and be loud doing it!

* Reasonable Praise ... “for all the mighty works that they had seen.”

D) But do we really need a reason to praise Him? * Lame walked ... Blind saw ... Deaf heard ...

* The dumb spoke ... Lepers cleansed ... Dead was raised to life ... Storms were calmed ...

* 5000 were fed with five loaves and two fishes ... Demon possessed people were delivered ... etc.

E) Let me ask you ... Has He done nothing for you?

* If you don’t have nothing to praise Him for, then lend me your heart and your voice to help me

praise Him, cause I’ve got so much to praise Him for than I’m able to, without some help!

* Come and help me sing ... Come, help me praise ... Come, help me bless the name of Jesus for

all the things He has done!

F) v.38 tells us what they were saying ... Oh, don’t be silent ... Praise Him!

* Psalm 137:1-2 “By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we

remembered Zion. We hanged out harps upon the willows in the midst thereof.” * Why?

* Circumstances should not take away our praise from Him! * Let’s praise Him, church!

G) Look at His face, covered with bloody sweat in Gethsemane ... Praise Him!

* Look at His nail pierced hands and feet ... Praise Him!

* Look at His pierced side that was opened up with a spear ... Will you not praise Him?

* If you can’t praise Him for dying for you, come and help me praise Him for dying for me!

* Up with our harps ... Down with our doubts and fears ... Let the whole multitude praise Him!

H) The only people that wasn’t praising Him is in v.39 .......

* They said, “Master, rebuke thy disciples.” * And in v.40 is my message .......

* If stones would talk, what would a stone say? * Let me give you 3 things a stone would say .......

(1) IT WOULD TELL OF ITS CREATOR! * It would brag and boast of its Maker!

A) It would tell how He took him out from the rock quarry and molded him and made him!

* He would tell how He cleaned him up, polished him and placed him! * Hab. 2:12 says .......

* “For the stone shall cry out of the wall, and the beam out of the timber shall answer it.”

* Now my question is, “Am I gonna let a stone out-praise me for what He’s done for me?”

B) We must praise the Lord ... Woe unto us if we don’t! * It’s impossible to hold our tongues!

* Saved from hell, and be silent? * No way! * Going to heaven, and be ungrateful? * No way!

* Bought with the precious blood of Christ, and hold our tongues? * No way!

* Filled with the Holy Ghost, and not shout praises to the Lord? * No way!

C) The King of Kings is in our midst ... King Jesus is smiling into our souls .......

* We are feasting at His table, making His Word precious to us ... And we not praise Him?

* NO WAY! * We are worse than devils if we don’t praise the name of Jesus!

* Yes ... If stones would talk, they would tell of their creator ... Their Maker!

* Shall we not tell of Him who made us anew and created us brand new? * 2 Cor. 5:17 .......

(2) THEY WOULD SHOUT OF A MEMORIAL! * Let’s go down to the garden tomb .......

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