Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Message about the trimphial entry of Jesus into Jerusalem

"If they Keep Quiet"

Luke 19:35-40


Looking at this passage of Scripture this morning and trying to pull out some truth that

we can use this morning as we strive to serve God, Worship Him, and obey His


Introduce these thoughts this morning with some observations about the Triumphal Entry

recorded here and in other the Gospels - Palm Sunday - Wave branches and lay them

down - symbol of respect honor - Roll out the red carpet - Jesus enters the city of

Jerusalem - Very significant event - Drew a line in the sand told the Pharisees - I have

arrived you have to deal with me - Fame spread throughout the country - Fame then much

more personal than now - TV - Radio - Billboards - not odd to hire a Publicist to get your

message out there! Jesus fame spread by word of mouth - "I saw Jesus heal my cousin" -

"I was there when Jesus fed 5,000 of us with 5 loaves and 2 fish" - Still personal touch to

what Jesus has done. "I know it’s true because he did it for me." - God saved - He saved

me, God heals - He healed me - Personal not a slogan - not hype - not staged - It’s real!

* City of Jerusalem was a buzz with Excitement - Passover Celebration - Everybody

coming to Jerusalem - Visiting Family - Getting ready for the Big Day - On top of that -

Jesus - The one everyone is talking about! Everyone has an opinion - The Messiah or a

New Prophet or an Impostor - I’m sure they fought and debated! They all knew what the

Pharisees had been saying - Hated Jesus - Criticized everything He did & said. Jesus

enters the city in fulfillment of the Prophesy in Zach 9:9. All of this Explodes into a

Spontaneous time of Praise! Verse 37 the religious spirit of the Pharisees enraged - STOP

THEM! - Jesus answers them - If they keep Quiet, the Stones will cry out!

The focal point of all of History and the central Character in the Salvation of Man was

revealing Himself and the result was an eruption of Praise - a heart cry to commune with

God. A need rose in the disciples to testify to the glory and greatness of God.

That’s where we are going to pick up the story this morning!

I. First we are going to look at the fact that the Praise was given Joyfully!

A. Loud voices were used!

1. Nothing wrong with showing some emotion - not a bad thing

a. Not the only thing - still not a bad thing

b. We are emotional beings - Worship should be emotional

2. Worship does not stop at the emotional level

a. Deeper than - Joy, Sorrow or Awe

b. Supernatural level beyond the emotions that takes place

B. Worship was "right-hearted" - I know this because it was received by Jesus

1. Did not correct them - which happens through out scripture when

"inappropriate worship was given"

2. Intent of the worship seen in the content of the passage v. 37c

a. they had seen the power of God - they were thankful

b. Directed to God - pick that up in a moment

3. Think about "Right-hearted" for a moment

* Hindrance to Worship - fear to enter God’s presence with the

Baggage we carry. Problems/Sin/Attitudes/"I’m wrong and

I don’t want to make it worse by being a hypocrite"

a. Intent to live Holy before God - implied in pure worship

1. here - Act of Reverence before Jesus

2. Paul - Road to Damascus - Who are you, LORD

a. Commune with God - No hypocrisy there

b. Because willingness to become "right-hearted"

b. Give God my worship not based on my good behavior this week

1. By Grace - I will live for you

2. "I worship you an enter your presence not because I’m

worthy but because of Your Grace"

* Before we looked at the Right-Heartedness of true Worship we touched on....

II. The fact that the Praise here was Directed To God.

A. Disciples were not making a show for themselves

1. Pointed to God - Glorified Jesus

2. Worship is Out of this world - Not a natural expression but a

supernatural one.

a. Difficult because we use natural things to enter in - Songs,

Voices, instruments, Beyond that "Stuff" is where God


B. We decrease and God increases in us

1. We come to God Boldly - through Grace

2. Humbly out of reverent respect for God

3. Our attitude itself point to God and away from us.

III. Leads us to the fact that we were "made to Praise"

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