Summary: Intro: It is a terrible thing to limit God.

Intro: It is a terrible thing to limit God. Israel had seen God part the Red Sea, after sending miraculous plagues on her enemies. Water flowed from a rock, and manna fell from Heaven. For 40 years there was no need for a rummage sale-for neither their clothes nor their shoes wore out! And, after all this, you think they would never have difficulty believing God could do anything! But, just the opposite was true-they limited God! Now it would be easy to say, how sad, Israel should have known better! But, friend, the more things change, the more they stay the same! While it was terrible for Israel to limit God, it's even more terrible for Pentecostal people to limit God! If we're not careful, we'll be as guilty as Israel, "They limited the Holy One of Israel, they remembered not his hand, nor the day when he delivered them from the enemy!"

How many of you here today have been delivered from the enemy? How many of you here today have been healed by the hand of the Lord? How many of you here today have received the mighty Baptism in the Holy Spirit, with the initial, physical evidence of speaking in other tongues? How many of you here today know what it's like to have your back against the wall, and there seems to be no way out, and God made a way where there seemed to be no way? Friend, if God has ever blessed a people, He has blessed us Pentecostal folk! We have seen miracles of provision, miracles of healing, miracles of deliverance, and yet, if we don't stay full of the Holy Ghost, walking in the Spirit, living in victory, before long, we'll begin to take all these wonderful experiences for granted. And, like Samson, we'll go out and shake ourselves as at other times, and not realize that God has left us.

The only thing that can limit God is the failure of God's people to believe Him and live by faith! During this "Moving…By His Spirit " building program the vast majority of people in this church are going to make a faith commitment, you are going to hear from God, obey His voice, and make a financial commitment to help us build this church! But, and I pray it doesn't happen, there may be one or two who fails to obey what God has told them to do. They will fail because they have found an excuse to limit God.

I. I'M TOO YOUNG. Young people listen to me. God can use you, too!

Here's a story about two young men in the Bible: one was rich, and one was poor. Neither is called by name.

A. Luke 18:18-27 "The Rich Young Ruler"

B. John 6:1-13 "The Lad's Lunch"

Go back to Luke 18:28-30. Whatever earthly possessions you give up now for the Kingdom of God's sake, Jesus has promised to bless you with "manifold more in this present time, and in the world to come life everlasting!" Who would pass up a deal like that? The boy who gave his sack lunch got at least a hundredfold return for there were 12 baskets (one for each of the disciples) full for him to take home to mother! The disciples limited God when they saw the lad's lunch by saying, "what are they among so many?" But, Luke records that Jesus said, "BRING THEM HITHER TO ME!" Young person, that's what makes the difference.

C. Your youth does not limit God, nor does the seeming small amount of your offering limit God! The lad didn't limit God-He chose to obey God! And, if you will, you'll see a miracle of God's provision too!

II. I'M ON A FIXED INCOME! Grandma, God's children are never on a fixed income! You're a child of the King!

A. II Kings 4:1-7

B. What have you got in your house?

C. A fixed income doesn't limit God-only you can!

III. WHAT IF THE ECONOMY FAILS? Businessperson, God will take care of you regardless of which way the economy is headed.

A. Genesis 26:1-3, 12-14. Isaac sowed during a time of famine!

B. The economy doesn't limit God-only you can!


A. "I have to pay my taxes" God put money in a fish's mouth so that Peter could pay taxes.

B. "It just cost too much to live! I don't have anything left to give God" Who said you were supposed to give him what you have left? We are to give Him the "FIRST" fruits. A person who finds it hard to tithe will find it impossible to give to missions or a building program. And the reason why is, there heart isn't there! Jesus said, "Where you treasure is, there will your heart be also!"

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