Summary: This is the 4th sermon in the series "Royalty".

Sunday Morning January 17, 2010

Bel Aire Baptist Church

Series: “Royalty” [#4]


2 Chronicles 17:1-11


Do you ever feel spiritually weak? The Bible tells us that the joy of the Lord is our strength. How do we experience the joy of the Lord?

2 Chronicles 17:1-11

If you want real joy you must…

1. Seek God.

James tells us that if we lack wisdom that we should ask God and He will give us wisdom. 2 Chronicles 7:14 says that we are to seek His face. That means that He wants our focus.

Jehoshaphat sought God for direction and not the gods of the foreigners. He didn’t care what the world said, He was following God.

If you want real joy you must…

2. Follow His commands.

We have to listen to God and hear His Word. Not only do we need to listen but we also need to follow.

Jehoshaphat had his officials go out and teach the Book of Law to the people. Not only were they hearing the Word of God, but they were called to follow it.

If you want real joy you must…

3. Devote yourself to God.

Devoting oneself to something means that you give of yourself and time. It is speaking of priorities. Jehoshaphat devoted himself to what God was calling him to do.

If you want real joy you must…

4. Continually remove things not of the Lord.

Every time idols popped up, Jehoshaphat would have them removed. We have to continually remove things not of the Lord from our lives. 1 John 1:9 tells us that if we confess our sins to God that He is faithful to cleanse us of all unrighteousness.


If you want to experience the greatness of God, you have to be teachable about the ways of the Lord. God blessed the people because they were teachable and obedient.

Do you want joy? Then you need to seek God, follow His commands, devote yourself to God, and remove the things not of God.

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