Summary: Ignorance takes on many forms concerning the basic functioning of relationships and society, but most of all ignorance of the Word of God is causing our society to implode! Ignorance is wastefully degrading our organized systems and causing undue damage!

Ignorance Is Killing Us! By Kelly Durant 5-3-15

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

2. How many of you deal with prideful ignorant people? The problem is ignorant people sell their selves in a way that they make you feel intimidated to even question their knowledge! Ignorant people know how to bluff and are proud pretenders! Today ignorance of the basics of God and life plagues many professional people. Like the doctor here in Miami that was doing plastic surgery by injecting household silicon into people’s bodies! Ignorance=destruction!

Ignorance takes on many forms concerning the basic functioning of relationships and society, but most of all ignorance of the Word of God is causing our society to implode! Ignorance is wastefully degrading our organized systems and causing undue damage and suffering. It is provoking embarrassment! The world scenario is like this, more than ever people are being placed in positions of power only because of their political affiliations and not due to their knowledge and capacity, so consequently the chaos of incompetence is overwhelming all aspects of organizations. Systems that use to be efficient are now degrading by ignorance!

Frist, I will tell you a story of how ignorance affected me on a personal level one time and I hope it convicts you to beware of ignorant people! We all must improve our own general knowledge of the world and of God and become more aware of our need for the discernment of the Holy Spirit! Here is what I suffered through one time in Atlanta. There was a person who had many community hours to do and he boasted he was a mechanic and that he could do his hours tuning up our cars replacing plugs, etc. At that time our church van needed new plugs so I bought them for him and he worked on the van for an afternoon. I only thought I was happy to save over a $100 dollars on the tune up in my ignorance at that moment!

To my surprise 4 hours later he said well, “I could only change one plug because I got a phone call and busy and I cannot do the other plugs because, come let me show you, see they are impossible to reach”. It was true they were in very hard to get to locations and I thought, okay, that is just how it goes with some people who are incapable of finishing a job correctly. Then I noticed immediately that the V-8 was lacking the original power it had and I had a doubt about the one plug he changed. I checked it with another mechanic and it turned out he had stripped the threads of the plug putting it in and he caused a piece of it to break inside and consequently the motor then needed a head job and an expensive repair! I learned an expensive lesson: never trust boastful people who are so sure of their selves who have a dubious record of wrong doings and no proof of repentance or proof of the fear of God in their lives! This is just one case that reveals ignorance but I have lived through dozens of others cases! What is your story?

3. Proverbs 1:7 ‘The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction’. All examples in the material world compare to the spiritual realm, so now with this tune-up illustration let’s uncover other problems. Too many people claim they know things but since they are carnal beasts and not close to God, they really know nothing at all about anything! And when their ignorance gets exposed, these impostors get furious! It is evident that ignorant people always lie, contradict, and argue about things they know nothing of!

The world today, as it was in Jesus time, has too many hypocrites pretending to be smart and of a privileged elect class. They say they are the lone experts of authority but in actuality they are smoke and no fire with a convincing façade. Ignorance, in particular of the spiritual things, has further reaching consequences! Have you noticed how many start up churches there are today with ignorant self-proclaimed pastors that have never really ever studied or applied God’s word in their personal lives? How do these people get knowledge or ideas to convince others? They don’t really study or read, they just imitate from other imitators and copy like Satan does. They are like a fake counterfeit bill, imitating the light and pureness of God but denying His power. Usually these types preach strong, energetic, and fiery messages, and the ignorant congregations think they are undoubtedly intelligent, strong, and powerful!?

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commented on Mar 17, 2017

Thank you man of God. More grace!

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