Summary: In this sermon, Dino Rizzo explains and projects his vision for the ministries of Healing Place Church, showing how God’s will for the church has played itself out in their church’s history.

I’m excited about this series. I’ve been looking forward to this Sunday because we’re going to do something we have never done before. We’re gonna to look back and we’re going to give you a gift that I think is gonna bless you. But we’re going to enter into a series called iLife. And we’re gonna think and talk and discover about some questions that all of us ought to be asking ourselves from time to time. Questions like, why am I here? What does God have in mind for me? What is the life that God intended me to live? What’s my purpose? What’s my reason? You know, questions that will make us think about are we on target in our life. Are we living the way we should live to be a blessing? Are we living about mission? Are we living in a way that will complete our assignment because I believe with all of my heart that the Bible tells us clearly that each one of us has an assignment from the Lord. And it’s about the purposes of God. So we’re gonna look at that as individuals.

This morning we’re gonna kind of look at it corporately, as a church, as a community of fatih. Why does God have us here? So we’re excited. We’re gonna show you a year end video. Some things that took place this past year that will tell you a little about our heart to reach people. Because in 2005 we reach more people than we’ve ever reached. We are gonna talk about our heart to serve people. Because in 2005 through your heart and your faithfulness we were able to serve more people than we’ve ever served. We are gonna look at our heart to give. You know this is a giving church. 2005 we gave more than we’ve ever given for the cause of Christ. And then lastly, what we’re gonna talk about, and really what this whole series is about, is you and I coming together to build the kingdom of God in our own life, in our own relationships, in our families. Because in 2005 you and I were able to build into the kingdom of God all around the world. Won’t you sit back and enjoy this year end video.

(video shown) Hey, Healing Place Church, this is Pastor Dino. I’m so excited to take some time with you just to relive all that God has done through us as a church body in 2005. You know, 13 years God called us to be a healing place for a hurting world. That’s been our mission; that’s really been our purpose for existing. Our mission is to represent the heart of Christ through some core values. And there are 4 of them. It’s reaching, it’s giving, it’s serving, and then it’s building into people’s lives. What we’re about to see right now is basically just a report of what God is doing at Healing Place Church, all around our region, our state, even around the world. We’re gonna honor the past and we’re gonna look forward to the future. Now let’s take a look back at some top moments in 2005 at what God has done in our lives.

I just love how God has opened up new ways for Healing Place Church to reach more people. You know, multi-site church -- this is taking the message of salvation and bringing it to strategic places all around the world. See by responding to the heart of God, we’ve launched 4 new campuses in 2005. By launching a Spanish campus in Gonzales, LA we’ve been able to reach out every week to a large Hispanic community right here in Louisiana. We’ve been providing worship and a message of hope in their own language. It’s very relevant to their culture.

Our campus in Manaus, Brazil -- was that amazing -- Manaus, Brazil? It was launched in April -- it’s great to know that we’re a church and we’re reaching hurting people deep within the nation of Brazil.

Later on in the year we have been able to reach out to St. Francisville. It’s a great area. We’ve been extending our heartbeat for a healing place into that community. It’s been exciting.

Now towards the end of 2005, Healing Place Church, Danville, CA. Now that’s cool. Through the use of media we’ve been able to share the love of Christ with that region. Through these 6 additional campuses, over 1,000 people that may have otherwise not attended church, are being reached every week. I just love that. See, through their own unique expression, these campuses are growing and the kingdom is growing with them. These are exciting times to be a part of the church. One of the great truths you discover is that God has planned you and I to be in relationship. Healing Place Church has always valued relationship with other great churches around the city and the state, and also ministries around the world. I believe one of the great honors for Healing Place Church in 2005 was to be connected with some of these awesome ministries. Just sharing in our services, sharing what God is doing in their life. You know, ranging from just powerful worship to challenging and engaging teaching. These guests have helped elevate the overall spiritual climate at Healing Place Church. Now let’s take a look together at some of the ministries, some of the relationships that we’ve been able to be a part of this past year. (video being shown)

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