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I'm Eaten

John 2:12-17

"Eaten up". You can be eaten up with a goal. It's when you want something so badly that it 'consumes' you.

ill.--"Hero Worship". This is when you want that sandwich more than anything. [hero!] No. I've noticed that there's a very large crowd that, whenever they hear the President speak, they will eat up anything he says, even if it sounds crazy. I've heard it in churches, when there is a motivational preacher speaking and an engaged crowd amenning and vocalizing. He can say just about anything and they will eat it up. "People are dying and going to hell" [people respond 'hallelujah'!]

We get eaten up with something we want. They say in the world of 'sales' that once a person is emotionally attached to that car, electronic gadget, etc., you've got them 'eating out of the palm of your hand'.

I wish we had that kind of zeal for the things of God.

v. 17 is a quote from Psalm 69:9 For the zeal of thine house hath eaten me up;

Zeal means passion or enthusiasm. "Zealous" is related to "jealous", in the sense that you are willing to protect something at all costs.

After Jesus' first miracle He went by way of Capernaum to Jerusalem because it was time for Passover. And every good Jewish man went there three times a year for the feasts of Passover, tabernacles, and Pentecost. Jesus, being not just a good Jew, but a perfect one, fulfilling the requirements of the OT law so we don't have to [good thing, since we cannot], went to the temple, or, 'house of God'.

Upon arrival, He was angered at what He saw...the priests, instead of ministering the Word, had established a money making business right in the temple. They were selling sacrifices like oxen, lambs, doves, for profit. If you don't have a sacrifice, or the one you brought from home died during the journey, no problem, we'll set you up!

Or, maybe the priest would say, "This animal you brought is not good enough. You need to buy one of our animals" [wink, wink]

Then, there were others making money by exchanging currency. Many would only have foreign currency on them, and the priest would tell them they couldn't use it there. As they exchanged, they would only get about 50 cents on the dollar.

The priests were making merchandise out of religion, and charging exorbitant rates. And it's still being done today. What a turn off it must be to our world to flip by a 'Christian' Television network and see people making merchandise out of Jesus, promoting a rich lifestyle of prosperity in His name. And they will pray for you if only you will make a donation. We pray for one charge!

I understand as well as anyone that running a ministry costs money...the water of life flows freely here, but the plumbing costs money. But we're talking about those who are 'fleecing the flock'...doing it for the money like a hireling. May I say clearly, if you want to make a lot of money at something there's a lot of honest ways of doing it, and the ministry is not one of them!

Grace Notes Sermon Ministry: We sell sermon CDs as a convenience, but ALL sermons are released for free if you don't mind the work of getting them off the website. We would never want to be guilty of trying to 'milk' money out of people in the name of Christ.

Background: We began posting the text and PowerPoint in 2004 for the sake of our deaf. That was our limited vision. God had a bigger vision which has exploded into what it is today, still growing exponentially with tens of thousands of regular users downloading tens of thousands of sermons each and every week. There are costs involved in running a ministry like this, and those who voluntarily pay a convenience fee for sermons cover those costs. Extra monies go to the church [because these sermons originate here and are posted on the church website] and to me [because the laborer is worthy of his hire].

The same goes for things like bake sales or car washes. I don't believe for a second that the Lord is displeased with these things which go for a more noble cause than profit.

When it comes to the stewardship of God's house and the money aspect of it, there's a right way and a wrong way of doing things, and it's very clear to everyone watching if you are about money or about the Father's business. It is obvious to observers whether you are about getting out the Word of God or if you are all about lining your own pockets.

vv. 15-16 'scourge' is a whip.

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