Summary: Life is but a vapor and before you know it it’s over.

"whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? rIt is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away".

-Life is but a vapor and before you know it it’s over.

-Talking to my dad about what was important in life just before his death and others…

1) There are lessons in life that one must go through.

-Some God allowes because of our own choices.

-Others He sends our way to teach us a lesson

What’s important?

Jesus narrowed the Ten Commandments to two.

Love God above everything else.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Your first neighbor is not the person that lives down the street but your family. Your spouse and children, your immediate family…if you cant love these how can you love God…Love is the most important command.

Sometimes we hurt the people that love us the most.

2) Life is sometimes painful. We sometimes reach a place of brokeness.

-We think we are superman

-We think we have arived.

-All the sudden life chucks a ball of criptonite

Everything around us sometimes comes to a halt and we see death in everything.

Someone told me (The story of the oak tree)

3) Jesus teaches to love ourselves. "Love others as yourself"

We can’t make decisions for others or live their lives for them…everyone must give an account to God for themselves.

4) Give God command of your life.

"I will not fear because everything is at His disposal"

5) Live a life that is pleasing to God.

A. Not everything that this life has to offer is bad…but some things are.

Make godly decisions…they will impact your life negative or positive.

6) Live a life full of the Spirit. There are important decisions that must be made.

Seek spiritual matters.

We must choose bettween dead religion or God

Flesh or spirit

Life or death. Everything you do should bring life to your spirit.

An abundant life is rich in works.

James said;

Faith without works is dead.

show me your faith and I will demonstrate mine through my works.

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