Summary: In order to catch what God has for you, in order to become what God has purposed for you to be you must go through a divine process a process of spiritual preparation, in other words you must follow the instructions.

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“I’m Going Fishing”

We are a creature that has been given the ability to make decisions based upon choices and not just a reaction or impulse that is solely based upon instinct and because of this ability when we finally figure out what it is we want, we set out to achieve that which we desire. Often times no matter how hard we try, no matter if we pour every fiber of our being into it all we find are obstacles, skeptism, doubt, discouragement, and disappointment. However we must realize that these are essential moments in our lives and without them our purpose would be empty and insufficient. We must understand that in order to achieve that which we have purposed in our lives, that these obstacles are not a hindrance or determent but are in fact part of the process to bring us to the completed results that is desired.

John 21:1-7 & 14

I’m going fishing. It doesn’t matter if you are a fishing master or if you have never gone fishing before in your life, it doesn’t matter if you are trying for bass, catfish, or that big marlin, before you are able to catch any fish there is a process that you must first go through. It doesn’t matter how bad you think you are, if you don’t go through the process you will never catch a fish, you may tell fish stories, but unless you go through the process you’ll never catch the fish. You must first have a rod & reel, it is the necessary equipment in order to catch the fish, after you have the rod and reel you must have the proper bait, I have never been deep sea fishing, but I know that in order to catch different types of fish you use different types of bait, for bass they will go after something shinny and a cat fish will go after something that smells bad, to catch a marlin I’m sure you would need something other that a night crawler on the end of your line, so depending on the type of fish you are trying to catch you must have the proper bait. After you have your rod & reel and the proper bait you must cast you line into the water, unless you cast into the water you are not going to catch a fish. All of this is done in preparation in order to catch a fish this is the process that you must do in order to catch a fish. Life in general is a process we go to school to get an education in order that we may have a good job to make a decent amount of money to bring us to the point that we will be able to enjoy our lives, it’s a process.

A process is something that is marked by gradual changes that leads to a particular result, a series of actions or operations directed toward a particular outcome, it is the steps in doing something that will bring you to a completed result. The instruction on the side of a cake box tell you the process you must go through that will bring you to a completed result the cake. The instruction in the box for that bookcase or for that bike are the steps or the process you must do in order to come to the completed result. Many of us are like the commercial on television, it’s a beer commercial with the bear, the guys are putting something together the one guy says were are the instructions the bear says who needs instruction I know what I am doing and he does it his way, he finally finishes and is sitting in a chair that has a lever on it that when he pushes the lever a bottle of beer rolls from a cooler over his head down a ramp until it is right in his reach, pretty soon the guys wife comes home and the man says well honey what do you think, she says o.k. but where is the bookcase, because they did it their way and not the way the instructions said it should be done they came up with something other than what it was purposed for. WHY because they did it their way, I’m going fishing.

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