Summary: This sermon is to help the believer to know that no matter how hard no matter how hot their situations and circumstances maybe never lose focus on God and his promises that he has made available to us in his word.

Is there anyone in the house today who has ever been in a situation the seemed impossible to get out of. I'm talking about a sticky situation. You know the kind where the more you tried to get away form it, the more your tried to shake it off, the more that thing wouldn't let you go. By chance is there anyone here who has found themselves surrounded by circumstance that seemed like they were going to take you out. My brothers and my sisters has anyone ever had a Job experience whereby if it isn't one thing coming at you it's another and another thing invading your life.

I know that there are some of you here today who are living the perfect life. You've never had to go through anything, you've never had to deal with any difficulties or any hardships or pit falls in your life. Well I want you to know on today that if this is you, I want you to know that the preacher isn't being mean on today, the preacher is not excluding you on today. But if you are already living the life of Riley and living in Paradise, then this sermon is not for you today. But I'm talking to those who have had some sleepless nights those who have gone through the storms and the rain. Those who have dealt with loneliness and despair is there anyone here to day who can identify with what I'm saying on today. And truth be told all of us here today have not lived a perfect life, nor are we living a perfect life but we are striving daily to live and to be examples of Christ.

My brothers and my sisters every day of our lives we should have more of our flesh decaying and more of Jesus being applied to our lives. I'm just trying to help somebody on today. We all have had some rotten apples and some lemons come our way in this life. And the only reason why you and I are still here today, the reason why we survived all the trauma and drama in our lives was because of God's grace and his mercy. Oh somebody ought to give God some praise that's a good place right there to open up your mouth and tell God thank you for your grace and your mercy. You know that it wasn't because you were so good and kind, you know it wasn't because you kept every commandment. But it was all because you were covered by the blood of Jesus, you were kept under the almighty shadow of God. The song writer pinned the song " Oh to be kept by Jesus" is there anybody in here who will open your mouth and shout " Oh it was Jesus who kept me".

So here in the text today we see that King Nebuchadnezzar has had a golden statue of himself created and not only did he have it created in the image of himself but he had the nerves, he had the audacity to erect and place it right smack dab in the center of Babylon. But when you think about it, after all my brothers and my sisters he had the right to do this because after all he was the king. So after this statue was erected and set in it's proper place, King Nebuchadnezzar sent out an invitation to celebrate this great occasion. And you know how it is saints when we're planning a gathering we plan what we'll have, what time we'll have it and even who we'll invite. But I have discovered that when we make out our guest list, it can start off very lengthy but then become short in length. Because what we do is, we go through the list and we'll pick and depict the people on the list. In other words saints we pick who we want to come and who we don't want to come.

But here in the text today King Nebuchadnezzar has planned an event to where he wants to invite everyone he doesn't want to leave out anyone. And if you look at verse 2 and 4, you'll discover that he invited everyone. From the rich to the poor, those in authority and those with our authority. He invited Christians as well as non Christians. He did exclude anyone. And even though King Nebuchadnezzar was known as a great king who reigned over Babylon for 43 years, in his personal life he was known as a ruthless individual. And though he may have been a ruthless person, we the believer can learn something good today out of the invitation that he extended. We all know that good can come out of a bad situation amen.

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