Summary: Let me tell you, “All men fall, great men and women get back up when they fall and keep pressing towards the prize.”

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I'm not going there and you can't make me!

I can remember saying that as a child, when I would get coerced into trying something, or doing something that I didn't want to.

Wether it be trying some kind of food my parents thought I should, like my dad for example, he always wanted me to eat beets and the hard boiled eggs that are purple from being mixed in, with the beets.

yuk, not happening ever, although I did try one a while back and it was not bad.

Or if you wanted to do big kid stuff and the big kids became annoyed and would think of some impossible feat you would have to do,

Like climb to highest beam in the barn and jump off, if you wanted to be in their club and then finally get to the point where they would threaten to beat you up, if you didn't.

You know how mean brothers and older kids can be, I believe now a days it's called bullying, I believe back in the day, it was also called bullying.

It was like they thought they had you cornered and you tried to keep of the tough guy act and boldly spoke the words, I'm not going there and you can't make me!

And they would say, oh ya, who's gonna stop us, you and who else? And I would say me and Mom!!!!

And then take off running as fast as possible, to wherever mom was, to the safety zone, to where you could stick out your tongue, thumb your nose at them and provoke your attackers and there wasn't anything they could do about it.

We sure had a lot of faith in Mom and we weren't afraid to use it either, we knew that the love that she had for us, was much greater than the brothers or the bully's that pursued us!

That whole scenario, is not to far off from our spiritual walk in the world and the relationship we have with The Lord!

Like a child, we don't always know what's best for us, but God always knows and the Love He has for us, is always greater than the circumstances of life!

Even though most of the time in our lives things run smoothly and they go great for us, there are occasionally going to be obstacles that try to bring us down,

You see, they come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, the devil is always trying to figure out a new angle,

You see, he doesn’t care what it takes to bring you down, just as long as you come down, so he can keep you there.

Sometimes he thinks he has us cornered, he always uses yesterday against us, to lay a trap for us today, but he always forgets about what lies ahead tomorrow!

Because unlike God, he doesn’t know what your future holds, he only has the now and the past to torment us with.

He’s been doing it that way, you know his usual tactics, condemning people, bringing up the past and scaring people for well lets say, ever since he thought he was Gods equal and got ejected from heaven.

Not everyone nowadays though, is used to his tactics, some people don’t realize he’s the one that’s doing it to them, they think God is somehow trying to teach them a lesson.

God does not need to throw you under the bus, to teach you a lesson

all the long the devil, is the one doing things, but somehow when things start to go wrong, God always gets the blame no matter what it is.

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