Summary: When the world hears the testimony of the redeemed saints of God, they think we have gone crazy!

Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell point Baptist Church

Dec 30, 2012

Acts 26:24-25


Intro: Allow me to set the scene before us of this marvelous text.

• The great Apostle Paul/King Agrippa and his wife/Bernice

• Outstanding leaders of both Jews and Roman Govt.

• Roman Governor Festus/5 Regiments were/in Caesarea

• So their 5 Regimental Commanders/in attendance.

• The elect/elite/intelligentsia/sophisticates/full regalia.

The place..

• “Audience Room” in the Palace in Caesarea.

The pomp and pageantry

• State function/filled/fanfare/blowing of trumpets.

• Tapestry/tinsel filled the hall.

• Purple/Agrippa/pearls/Bernice

• Gold braids/brass hats/Roman Empire.

Here comes Paul

• Let this stir your imagination.

• The great throne room doors swing open.

• Prisoner in chains/ushered in the colorful scene.

• dressed/garb/prisoner/chained/two guards.

• Unimpressive/appearance

• Before all this glitter/pomp/glory of the world.

So, King Agrippa in charge, tells Paul to speak….

Remember Paul is not on trial, not making a defense before Agrippa, he is preaching the gospel.

• Uses/setting/opportunity to share his salvation testimony.

• What would you have done with that audience?


When these pagan rulers hear what Paul is testifying about

• all that happened to him

• what the Savior he claims to serve has called him to do

• Festus speaks up and calls Paul a “mad man”.

He tells Paul all/his education/learning/driven him over the edge!

He says, in effect, “Paul, you’ve lost your mind! You’re a lunatic! You’re crazy!”

He says:

You’re two fries short of a Happy Meal,

You’re a few shades beyond blond,

Paul, the wheel is spinning, but the hamster's dead,

Paul There's a rip in your marble bag,

You’re as crazy as a monkey on a tricycle,

You haven't got both oars in the water,

You’re knitting with only one needle.


You get the idea, right?

• He says, “Paul, You’ve gone crazy!

• You’re mad as a hatter!”

• That is a colloquial phase signifying a crazy person.

• It means “to rave, to be mad, to be out of one’s mind.”

Mania is defined as:

Obsession; an excessive and intense interest in or enthusiasm for something. A psychiatric disorder characterized by excessive physical activity, rapidly changing ideas and impulsive behavior.


When these pagans hear what Paul/before he met Jesus Christ

• what happened to him when he met Jesus Christ

• what he is saying about Christ now

• what he is doing for God’s glory now

• They concluded that he’s gone absolutely, stark raving mad!

• They think he is crazy!

When Paul hears this charge he responds by saying, “I’m not crazy, I’m saved!”

When the world looks in on this thing we call Christianity

• when they look at the life we live for Jesus

• They conclude that we are crazy!

• I would say to them, I’m not crazy, I’m saved!

I want to point out three areas of Paul’s testimony that Festus and the others thought was crazy.

By the way, the world thinks your testimony is crazy in these areas as well!

I just want you to see that what the world thinks is crazy is nothing more than mere Christianity!

• I want to preach in the thought: I’m Not Crazy, I’m Saved!

• Let me show you the reasons why Festus, and the others who heard Paul preach that day, thought Paul was crazy.


1. What were the claims that Paul made?

• He Said He Saw A Light - v. 13.

• The light was supernatural

• Revealed the Glory of God from Heaven.

• Blinded Paul/3 days

• Spiritual eyes had to be opened/behold the living Christ.

• The light/not enough/hear the Word of God.

2. He Said He Met The Lord Jesus Christ - v. 14-18

The One Paul said he met/road/Damascus, was the same man everyone knew had died on a cross outside Jerusalem by order of Pontius Pilate.

Now, here/crazy preacher preaching/dead Jesus was alive again.

• By the way, that is what galled this crowd the most.

• They knew that Jesus had been crucified

• Now here/Paul/bunch/people/preaching Jesus was alive.

• They were upsetting the applecart.

• They were disturbing the peace.

• They were preaching the doctrine/resurrection

• People thought they had lost their minds.

No wonder they thought Paul had lost his marbles.

Paul’s statements may have sounded bizarre/pagan Romans

But to anyone who knows/Lord Jesus/they make perfect sense!


Here’s why:

1. Every Saved Person Has Seen the Light

For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of God’s glory displayed in the face of Christ. 2 Cor. 4:6.

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. 1 Pet. 2:9.

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