Summary: When the world hears the testimony of the redeemed saints of God, they think we have gone crazy!

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Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell point Baptist Church

Dec 30, 2012

Acts 26:24-25


Intro: Allow me to set the scene before us of this marvelous text.

• The great Apostle Paul/King Agrippa and his wife/Bernice

• Outstanding leaders of both Jews and Roman Govt.

• Roman Governor Festus/5 Regiments were/in Caesarea

• So their 5 Regimental Commanders/in attendance.

• The elect/elite/intelligentsia/sophisticates/full regalia.

The place..

• “Audience Room” in the Palace in Caesarea.

The pomp and pageantry

• State function/filled/fanfare/blowing of trumpets.

• Tapestry/tinsel filled the hall.

• Purple/Agrippa/pearls/Bernice

• Gold braids/brass hats/Roman Empire.

Here comes Paul

• Let this stir your imagination.

• The great throne room doors swing open.

• Prisoner in chains/ushered in the colorful scene.

• dressed/garb/prisoner/chained/two guards.

• Unimpressive/appearance

• Before all this glitter/pomp/glory of the world.

So, King Agrippa in charge, tells Paul to speak….

Remember Paul is not on trial, not making a defense before Agrippa, he is preaching the gospel.

• Uses/setting/opportunity to share his salvation testimony.

• What would you have done with that audience?


When these pagan rulers hear what Paul is testifying about

• all that happened to him

• what the Savior he claims to serve has called him to do

• Festus speaks up and calls Paul a “mad man”.

He tells Paul all/his education/learning/driven him over the edge!

He says, in effect, “Paul, you’ve lost your mind! You’re a lunatic! You’re crazy!”

He says:

You’re two fries short of a Happy Meal,

You’re a few shades beyond blond,

Paul, the wheel is spinning, but the hamster's dead,

Paul There's a rip in your marble bag,

You’re as crazy as a monkey on a tricycle,

You haven't got both oars in the water,

You’re knitting with only one needle.


You get the idea, right?

• He says, “Paul, You’ve gone crazy!

• You’re mad as a hatter!”

• That is a colloquial phase signifying a crazy person.

• It means “to rave, to be mad, to be out of one’s mind.”

Mania is defined as:

Obsession; an excessive and intense interest in or enthusiasm for something. A psychiatric disorder characterized by excessive physical activity, rapidly changing ideas and impulsive behavior.


When these pagans hear what Paul/before he met Jesus Christ

• what happened to him when he met Jesus Christ

• what he is saying about Christ now

• what he is doing for God’s glory now

• They concluded that he’s gone absolutely, stark raving mad!

• They think he is crazy!

When Paul hears this charge he responds by saying, “I’m not crazy, I’m saved!”

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