Summary: This sermon reminds us that Christ has us covered when Satan tries t attack us.

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I’m Not Sifted, But I Am Lifted

And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold Satan hat desired to have you, the he may sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen they brethren. Luke 22:31-32

My brothers and sisters, I have come to the conclusion that many of the troubles and trials that have come upon us or is going to come upon us, they all started from the ground that was cursed from the fall of Adam and Eve. Every since the day Genesis 3, from time to time, Satan singles us out. But oh brothers and sisters, I don’t know about you, but I am a living witness that when we learn to heed the warning and assurance Jesus gave to Simon Peter, it is only then that we can smile at Satan’s rage. Since Genesis 3, we have had our share of troubles and trials. Since Genesis 3, our persona pain have gotten the best of us. Since Genesis 3, tears have showed up at our midnight hours. Since Genesis 3, sickness has put itself in the position of making feel like they just can’t get well. Since Genesis 3, heartaches and sorrow has found a resting place in our weary souls. Oh brothers and sisters, I don’t know what troubles or trials that you are going through, but I need to tell you that because Jesus prayed for us, we are not sifted, but we are lifted.

The fact is, we all go through trials and difficulties. Jesus warned Peter that he would go through a testing period. Jesus apparently believed that this process was necessary for Peter. Jesus called it a sifting like wheat. Oh brothers and sisters, hat Christ of ours is preparing Peter for a purpose. And I think I ought to tell you that God does that with us. He allows folk, circumstances, and events in our lives to take place in order to sift us. Jesus allowed it in Peter’s life even though he loved Peter. It had to go through Jesus before Satan got permission, but Jesus did allow it. Now I need you to notice also that Jesus encouraged Peter “Somebody prayed for me; had me on their mind; took the time and prayed for me. I’m so glad they prayed. I’m so glad they prayed. I’m so glad they prayed for me.” Oh brothers and sisters, the song goes on to say that my mother prayed for me; my father prayed for me. And yes, even JESUS prayed for me.

envisioned or thought of this song as a shouting song until I found myself standing in the need of prayer and I couldn’t pray for myself. Oh brothers and sisters, it was on that day while standing in the need that I needed prayer. You got to understand that there are times when our own personal successes, our own personal achievements, even our own personal well-being can be directly contributed to the prayers of somebody else. Have I got a witness? Somebody can help me testify that there were times when we didn’t know anything about praying for ourselves. We didn’t know anything about sending up some timbers and expecting a blessing. We didn’t know why grandma would go into that old hallway closet and shut the door behind her and stay in there for a little while. And if the truth be told, some of us still don’t know. Some folk go to bed and don’t praise God for letting them make it through the day. they don’t get up in the morning and thank God that their bed was not their cooling board. Some folk eat breakfast and don’t pray. They eat lunch and don’t pray. They eat dinner and don’t pray.

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