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Summary: PRAY BELIEVING! God will answer our PRAYER, in His TIME, His WILL, His WAY. LIVE in such a way that you know HOW to PRAY, and then PRAY BELIEVING!

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1. Zacharias was from the lineage of AARON, which meant he was automatically of the priestly order. (vs. 5-10)

a. There were so many with the same lineage in that day that they were divided up into 24 sections.

b. Each section had approximately 1,000 priests, who shared the duty two weeks a year.

c. Should a priest have his lot drawn to BURN INSENCE at the altar, it was the greatest day of his life!

d. Zacharias’ lot was drawn. It was his day!

2. Zacharias and Elizabeth were: (vs. 11-12)


b. CONSISTENT in their WALK.


3. When God answers prayer: (vs. 13-25)

a. It truly is the GREATEST DAY in Zacharias’ life!

b. They prayed for DECADES, and God’s answer was SILENCE.

c. Zacharias QUESTIONED God, and as a result is STRUCK MUTE!

d. Not only will they have a BABY, but he will be the FORE-RUNNER of the LORD HIMSELF!

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