Summary: Just a few reasons we can be amazed by Jesus Christ

I’m Still Amazed

Titus 3:3-8

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Amazement is defined as “a strong feeling of astonishment or wonder”. There are some things in this life that absolutely amaze me.

On the rare occasion that I go to a Braves game, once we arrive at the section where we will be sitting and walk through the opening and get that first glimpse at Turner Field, I always stand in awe of its magnitude. (It looks so much different than it does on T.V.) I would imagine people with season tickets don’t give it a second thought.

When I take a trip that leads me through a city such as Atlanta, Chicago or St. Louis I am awestruck at the large buildings and skyscrapers in those towns. I am sure the people who live there are not impressed at all. (They are too busy trying to stifle their road rage)

I am still amazed every time I look at my daughters and realize that my blood runs through their veins. I am amazed at the unconditional love that I possess for both of them.

I am amazed at how after 14 years, my wife still loves, supports and respects me. (I am also amazed at how I can rack up brownie points with her for saying things like that!!)

* I am amazed by God’s creation:

- Standing in a valley looking up at a mountain.

- Standing on a mountain looking out over a valley.

- Watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset

- Gazing on a clear night at the moon and stars

- Standing on the shoreline looking at the vast ocean

Yes, all of these things STILL amaze me. But there are some things that once excited or amazed me that just don’t have the same affect any longer.

> I remember when they first came out with the flat screen HD TV’s. I used to go to the electronics section at Walmart and just dream about having one of them. I got one a few years ago and it is really no big deal to me anymore.

> Have you ever gone to a car lot and seen the newest model with all of the bells and whistles, and you just had to have it. So you signed your life away and took it home, then 6 months later the thrill is gone but 6 years of payments remain?

When you were a kid did you dream of being an adult? You were amazed by that lifestyle and you couldn’t wait to grow up, now you have a job, mortgage and many other bills and the thrill is gone and you just wish you could be a kid again?

Yes, sometimes the things that once amazed us become reality and it isn’t long before the thrill is gone! Friend, I am here to tell you today that there are some things that STILL AMAZES ME, and nothing more so than OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!

The Perry’s sing a song that says:

“I've never got over that I am not under the bondage of sin anymore”

”I'm still amazed that Jesus would pay a debt I could not afford”

”I've never got past that I'm free at last from sin that made me a slave”

”and I still feel as much as when He first touched me, oh yes I'm still amazed”

There is not enough time to even scratch the surface concerning the fact that we can have a personal relationship with a Holy God. But I would like to hit some of the high points today:

1. I’m Still Amazed By God’s Love

2. I’m Still Amazed By God’s Salvation

3. I’m Still Amazed By God’s Mercy

4. I’m Still Amazed By God’s Grace

5. I’m Still Amazed By God’s Son

If you will look with me to our selected text I would like to see that:

I. I’M STILL AMAZED BY GOD’S LOVE - v3 for we ourselves also were sometimes foolish, disobedient, deceived, serving divers lusts and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful, and hating one another. 4 But after that the kindness and love of God our Saviour toward man appeared,

Sometimes we are all “hard to love”. I am thankful for parents, children, a spouse and a handful of church members who possess unconditional love for me! It is amazing how your family knows you better than anyone else and loves you anyhow!

Well, God knows more about you than anyone.

He knows your actions

He knows your thoughts

He knows what you have done

He knows what you are going to do

Knowing all this, He loves you anyway! That my friend, is AMAZING!

In verse 3 Paul paints a picture of “the Old Man” or the person before Christ. He says we were:

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Daniel Heaberlin

commented on Aug 9, 2014

It is late Saturday afternoon... By Thursday evening I normally have my outline completed and am eager to hear from the Lord the final details of the coming sermon... But not this week... As late as 5:30 p.m. God has been silent on what He wants me to speak on... then came the message to read your sermon... Since I am one that has a reputation as one being difficult to impress, the title of your sermon jumped out at me... Or maybe I should say the Lord pointed it out... I want to let you know that what you have just written, is what I have been wanting to say for quite some time... I just didn't know exactly how to express those feelings.. Now I do... I plan to use about half of what you have said in this week's sermon along with some of my own experiences... Who knows... Maybe I will use it as part of a thanksgiving series... Thank you so much! This sermon has been a great encouragement for me!

Kevin L. Jones

commented on Aug 9, 2014

Thank you for your encouraging words. This is exactly why I post on Sermon Central. I have been where you are many times (especially when I was a Bi-vocational pastor). I am honored that you would even consider any part of this sermon worthy of using. I had the thought for this sermon for a couple of weeks before I finally preached it last Sunday. The text is one of those great examples of what Jesus has done for us! I am praying that God will use you in a mighty way tomorrow. I have been fighting discouragment all day and as I am sitting here preparing for tomorrow your kind words have been a tremendous encourament to me. God bless!

Dan Brown

commented on Sep 23, 2014

Brother Kevin, This is an excellent sermon! I too am amazed at Gods saving grace. Thanks for sharing.

Kevin L. Jones

commented on Sep 24, 2014

Thanks Bro. Dan. This is perhaps the most special sermon I have ever prepared. It came as a result of a time of difficulty and uncertianty in my life. A time when all that I could do was "Stand Still". With that being said, the Father showed me, just as the scriptures prove that GOD IS FAITHFUL! Thanks so much for your words of encouragement!

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