Summary: This message is of giving thanks at Thanksgiving and year round.

This year I’m really thankful. This year has been filled with joy, pain, reconcilation, and fear. Let me begin with the Psalm 100 verse 1 that tells us to make a joyful noise utho the Lord all ye lands. I want only to rejoice in that Christ has saved my soul.The pain comes when we fail God in any way, however, Jesus never fails! Therefore, I can rejoice that he will forgive and I can be restored to a right relationship to him. Christ has made me a new creature therefore I can repent and press toward the mark for the prize of the High calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Secondly, I give thanks to God for saving my wife and delivering her from the pain and suffering of 2 major surgeries this year. Major foot reconstruction in May and knee replacement in November, both on the right side. She is now restored to good health for Christ has healed her completely.

Third, I praise God for the introduction of our 2 new baby grandaughter and grandson born May 29th and September 3 respectfully. For it is he that hath made us and not we ourselves. Verse 3.

Fourthly, I thank God for a wonderful congeration and the Church God has placed us in to minister the Word of God and Declare the Truth! We can go to church and worship and praise God freely in America today. Will we be able to do so in a few years with all the antomisity toward Christians today? Pastor Tony Green of Boonville, Indiana asked this question one day during a Pastors Conference, "Is it, God Bless America? or should we we asking for America, Bless God?" We are commanded to bless His Holy Name! Verse 4.

My closing prayer is for our next generation that follows us, to experience the blessing of God, the power of God and the presence of God! Verse 5.

Make a joyful noise, He has made us not we ourselves, be thankful unto Him, Bless His Name (Jesus), and may the present generation pass this on to the next generation. God Bless You through Christ Jesus!

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