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Summary: Continuing in the series on "The Rapture" ... this message deals with the question "What will happen to the lost, immediately after the Rapture?"

“Immediately After The Rapture – The LOST”

INTRODUCTION: Read 2 Thessalonians 2:7-12.

This morning, we saw what is in store to the Christian immediately after the Rapture. We saw that the chief activity in Heaven will be WORSHIP around the Throne of God. Heaven will be PERFECT … AND … we will be PERFECTLY content, happy, and satisfied there.

BUT … WHAT ABOUT THOSE LEFT BEHIND? What will they experience immediately after the Rapture? The Bible doesn’t keep us in the dark. The Scriptures are very plain to let us know for certain. TONIGHT … I’m going to let the Bible talk. I’ll be going through 7 years … in 30 minutes.

If you’re LOST here tonight … OR … you’re UNCERTAIN about where you’ll be immediately after the Rapture … OR … you have some LOVED ONES who are lost … listen carefully. These verses will make you very UNCOMFORTABLE. BUT … it’s important for you to know what lies ahead.

There will be no second chance after the Rapture. Your fate will be sealed. Maybe TONIGHT, you will get prepared for the Lord’s return. OR … God will place a burden on your heart for your loved ones who are LOST. This message can “comfort the afflicted” … AND … “afflict the comfortable”.

Revelation Chapters 4-5 tell us what will happen after the Rapture for the SAVED. Chapters 6 and forward tells us what will happen to the LOST who are left behind. This is known as the “Tribulation Period” … which will last for 7 years.

The scene in Heaven now shifts from the SAVED in Heaven … to the LOST here on earth … those left behind.

6:1-2 – When the 1st seal is opened, we see the beginning of what will happen during the first 3 ½ years of the Tribulation Period under the coming world ruler.

“white horse” – Someone will come on the scene as the “Savior of the world” … riding a “white horse”. He’s going to promise to solve all of the world’s problems … bring peace, prosperity and unity to all of mankind. I’m sure the world will be in chaos for a little while, because of the Rapture. The disappearance of the Christians may be blamed on a terrorist attack, or weapons of mass destruction.. Cars will crash … planes will crash into buildings … people will disappear without a trace.

Someone will come and offer PEACE … BUT … NOTICE … he has a “bow” … BUT no arrows. WHY? BECAUSE, it’s a FALSE peace. He’s a master politician … the ANTI-CHRIST. No one will realize his true identity … UNTIL he reveals himself 3 ½ years later.

In Daniel Chapters 8 & 11, we are told that he will make a treaty with Israel, giving them permission and provision to build their Temple. He will assure peace for Israel … AND … will rise to power with the help of the religious apostate church that is left behind.

6:3-4 – There will be fluctuating war & peace for 3 ½ years. THEN … in the middle of the Tribulation Period, the PEACE will be over. The ANTI-CHRIST will be revealed for who he really is. THEN … comes the GREAT TRIBULATION … like the world has never seen before. It will make WW I & II, Vietnam & Iraq seem like Disney World. See 12:12.

6:4 – “red horse” = war … bloodshed & persecution.

6:5-6 – 3rd Seal – inflation & famine. The “black horse” speaks of mourning & starvation. The “balance” speaks of the scarcity of food. Food will have to be rationed … BUT … you must have the RIGHT NUMBER – Rev. 13:16-18.

“denarius” = a days wages. $100 for a quart of wheat … 3 quarts of barley. You won’t be able to support your family on your wages. Even if you could buy food, the False Prophet is the one who distributes it. AND … you must have the “mark of the Beast”. If you take his mark, you are GUARANTEED to end up in Hell. BUT … without it, you will starve to death. I’ll never see this … KNOW WHY? BECAUSE … I’ll be up in Heaven, praising God around His Throne!

“see thou hurt not …” – the very rich will escape this famine. “oil” & “wine” = beauty aids, luxuries, medicine.

6:7-8 – 4th Seal – “pale horse”. In the Greek, it’s a ‘pale greenish yellow’. This represents death, epidemics, famine, pestilence … wild beasts released on earth. ¼ of the population of the earth will die … even the RICH won’t be spared from this. Still think you can survive the Tribulation if you’re left behind?

What will cause all of this? Germ warfare … weapons of mass destruction … nuclear fallout … poisoned water … AIDS?

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