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Summary: Our lives take interesting paths sometimes. Thankfully, we have very few differences in our lives from the lives of the people who lived while Jesus was on the Earth. Life seems to catch us at a crossroads quite often. Things come up. Situations happe

Matthew 4:19-20; Matthew 8:3

Intro: Our lives take interesting paths sometimes. Thankfully, we have very few differences in our lives from the lives of the people who lived while Jesus was on the Earth. Life seems to catch us at a crossroads quite often. Things come up. Situations happen. Life seems to take us by surprise because we don’t watch and pray like we should. Today I want to discuss God’s immediate intervention in the lives of those who’ve gone before and now how God can and does intervene in our lives.

I. First Facts First

a. Hebrews 13:8 says that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

i. “same” is from the Greek autos which means of itself. In other words, Jesus is the same in all aspects of Himself throughout eternity past and for eternity future.

ii. “forever” is from the Greek aion which means an age.

b. Jesus hasn’t changed.

i. His instructions haven’t changed

ii. His ways of ministry to mankind haven’t changed

iii. His commands of right living, holiness and commands to do greater works than He hasn’t changed.

II. Immediate Change in Life

a. Mark 2:5-12

i. Story of the paralytic

ii. Jesus forgives his sins

iii. Immediately he takes his bed and walks

b. Matthew 4:20

i. Jesus is looking for disciples. He is looking for people who want nothing else but to follow Him.

ii. Follow me and I will MAKE…

1. make is used here as an action that is performed directly.

2. Jesus was saying – follow me and I will make you, right now, fishers of men.

iii. Immediately they left their nets. The word here is eutheos (yoo theh oce) which means at once, very shortly, immediately.

1. They left behind what they were doing, immediately.

2. Left af ee ay mee (to forsake, lay aside, leave)

c. Matthew 4:22

i. They immediately left their work

ii. They immediately left their family

d. Don’t focus on all that has gone on in your past. Jesus’ forgiving power is the same yesterday, today and forever. His power to sanctify and cleanse you of all unrighteousness, immediately, is the same today. He isn’t concerned about where you’ve been, but rather where you are going!

III. Immediate Healing

a. Matthew 8:3

i. You’ve got to want it (Matthew 8:2)

ii. Jesus purified him immediately

iii. Jesus is willing

b. Mark 5:25-30

i. She had been to everybody searching for something

ii. Spent everything she had only to be worse

iii. Faith moved her mountain

iv. Immediately the healing power of Jesus escaped Him and He was aware of it.

c. Mark 5:39-42

i. Ye of Little Faith

ii. Jesus put out the unbelievers. This miracle required faith

iii. Immediately she rose

d. Mark 9:20-9:27

i. Even the devil knows that Jesus is an immediate God

ii. If You Can? (9:23) – get some faith

iii. Ask God for help in unbelief

e. Mark 10:52

i. Jesus is asking: What do you need?

ii. You’ve got to ask and believe

iii. Your faith will make you well


We, as God’s people, must quit believing the trick of the Devil. Satan, over the last 2000+ years, has been deceiving mankind with the ultimate deception. That deception that he has been feeding man is that with God, things take time, but with him you can have it immediately. Not according to my Bible! The Scripture is very clear that when Jesus forgives sins, a life is changed immediately. The Bible is clear that when Jesus heals; Jesus heals immediately. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says “Therefore IF anyone is in Christ, he is a NEW CREATURE; the old things passed away; behold, new things are come. The word passed there literally means perished. When something dies, the death is immediate. Someone doesn’t half die or die over days. A person continually deteriorates until the death comes, but the actual death is immediate. It is time for us to begin preaching and teaching that holiness and righteousness are for now. It shouldn’t take 1 month, 1 year, 10 years for a creature to become new. The Bible says BEHOLD, which means SEE THIS, ALL THINGS ARE NEW. That means every facet of your life. Every habit that was, is no longer. Every sin, is no more. Every un-surrendered piece of your life, is now surrendered. Every excuse not to commit, is passed away. Behold ALL THINGS ARE NEW. Give Him Praise in the House! IF you are in Christ, you are a new creature! Are you going to stumble, yes! Are you going to sin willfully? No! You are a NEW CREATURE AND LOOK HERE AND SEE: ALL THINGS ARE NEW with me! I’m all about Jesus now. I’ve been redeemed by the blood of the lamb. I’ve been washed by His blood. I’ve been cleansed from head to toe. The dishwasher of the Holy Spirit has washed me, scrubbed me and I am HOLY AS HE IS HOLY. I am righteous as HE IS RIGHTEOUS. I’m saved, sanctified, Holy Ghost Filled, Water Baptized, I’ve got Jesus on my mind cause I’ve found a NEW LIFE!

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