Summary: Persecutions & Martyrdom. It's origin and hos to deal with them

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Stone The Gods

- 12 years before Paul consented to stoning

- Stephen’s death by stoning

- Now he was being stoned

- Stone the man who healed the cripple

World does not appreciate its benefactors


Martyr Gk. “witness”

- 70 million over 2000 years

- Every day 400 are killed for their faith

- All the disciples but John martyred

1 Simon Peter Cephas (Rock) AD 64 Crucified Rome Italy

2 James son of Zebedee Boanerges (Son of Thunder) 44 Beheaded Jerusalem Palestine

3 John Boanerges The Beloved Disciple 96 Boiled in oil Ephesus Turkey

4 Andrew Andrea 69 Crucified Patras Greece

5 Philip – 60 Hanged Hierapolis Turkey

6 Bartholomew Nathanael, son of Ptolemy 68 Crucified Albana Armenia

7 Matthew Levi 70 Stabbed Nubia Ethiopia

8 Thomas Didymus (Twin) 82 Speared Mylapore India

9 James the Less The Younger; son of Alphaeus 54 Stoned Jerusalem Palestine

10 Judas Thaddeus Lebbaeus; son of James; Addai 66 Clubbed Ardaze Turkey

11 Simon Zelotes The Zealot; the Canaanean 61 Crucified Suanir Iran

12 Judas Iscariot Man of Kerioth; Assassin 33 (Suicide) Jerusalem Palestine

(World Watch Monitor )- Today In the News Around the World

Bangladesh - Church Leaders Beaten at Police Station

China - Authorities Plan to Eradicate House Churches

Egypt - Christian’s Six-Year Sentence Upheld

India - Islamic Extremists Beat, Mock Christians

Indonesia - President Sidesteps Church Controversy

Iran - Crackdown Hits Official Churches

Iraq - Islamic Rioters Attack Christian Shops in Kurdish North

Laos - Officials Arrest Five Christians in Southern Village

Mexico - Missionary Couple Slain

Morocco - Convert Serving 15 Years for His Faith

Nigeria - Church of Christ in Nigeria reeling from massacre

Somalia - Islamic Extremists Behead Another Convert

Tanzania - Christians Live in Cloud of Fear in Zanzibar

Vietnam - Christians Injured in Attack Denied Medical Care

Bible Says

The godly will be persecuted. 2 Ti 3:12.

Men by nature addicted to persecution. Ga 4:29.

Persecution Originates From:

1. Ignorance of God and Christ. Joh 16:3.

2. Hatred to God and Christ. Joh 15:20,24.

3. Hatred to the gospel. Mt 13:21.

4. Pride. Ps 10:2.

Dealing With Persecution

1. Commit themselves to God. 1Pe 4:19.

2. Exhibit patience. 1Co 4:12.

3. Rejoice. Mt 5:12; 1Pe 4:13.

4. Glorify God. 1Pe 4:16.

5. Pray for deliverance. Ps 7:1; 119:86.

6. Pray for those who inflict. Mt 5:44.

7. Return blessing for. Ro 12:14.

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