Summary: When all alone and in need of help. Life maybe be dark and lonely like a cave. But God is for us

In a Lonely Dark Cave

Ps 142

INTRO: King’s David’s circumstances & emotions

A. David has been promised good things, but hasn’t received them yet

1. Been ordained of God by the Prophet Samuel He is to be

King of all Israel

a. to have power, influence. Wealth, life of comfort, servants

b. What would t be like to be King?

1. Ring a bell for a drink of milk, of piece of cake

2. People bow before you 3. You speak, people JUMP!

4. Your enemies fear!

c. Wouldn’t it be nice to be king?

2. For nearly 20 years he has had the promise

a. one day David will be king! David will be King

1. Not a pipe dream, not wishful thinking, but a Promise of God

3. But…. Saul is still king, not only that, Saul is MAD

a. Anything sets him off, needs anger management

1. Thrown spears at any body that upsets him David even own son


4. Now Saul is so mad, & jealous about

B. The next king is on the run like a criminal

1. How depressing is that?

2. David isn’t living in a Palace with servants waiting on him

hand and foot

a. He is in the dessert with a band of over 400 people

1. Many if not all were, dead beats, (in debt & running from their

responsibilities of paying bills) discontents, (complainers, gripers,

fault finders) motley bunch, not an army but David is their leader

running from Saul

3. We come to the current situation of the Psalm, David is so

close to being caught by Saul.

a. He has to hide in a cave (1 of 2 possible events David was

in a cave

1. 1Sam 22 the cave of Adullum (that is when the 400 came to join up)

a. As bad as things were, was going to get worse

2. More than likely the events found in 1 Sam 24:1-3 The cave near


4. Living like a wild animal running scared for the hunter

a. But one last degrading thing for us to note

b. v3 Saul went in to cover his feet ( that isn’t to sleep)

1. Saul doesn’t remain in the cave. Cause he was using for a latrine,

2. David is hiding out in, might say, the royal Porta Potty

I. David’s condition v1

A. Dark Days:

1. All that he thought would be good in his life hasn’t


a. Dreams look broken

b. Promises of God even seem hollow, distant & worthless

2. Dark, black hopeless

3. His future and condition was as dark as the cave he was in.

**Been in a cave. **Alabaster’s Cavern near Freedom OK

Walk ½-¾ miled under ground. Midway. They turn out all

the light. Perfect blackness. Not one particle of light

4. He doesn’t have any idea of what is ahead, He doesn’t know

that Saul will be killed by the Philistines in a short while

a. Therefore he will be crowned the king of Israel after all

B. Dangerous times

1. Saul is after his head, if caught, could die

2. His situation is as bleak as a heart can see

C. Deserted

1. Lonely: (what about those 400?) are they his friends?

a. Do they really care for his soul? They each have their

ulterior motives

2. Forsaken, alone, hopeless, helpless in danger

II. David’s Cry v2-6

A. Dissatisfied v2 Don’t like it

1. Dissatisfied with life, with your lot in life

a. Don’t like or appreciate the way you’ve been treated

b. It isn’t going the way planned, expected or desired

c. I hate this, This Sucks!

2. That is what David is telling God

a. Shocked? Not suppose to do that? Why?

Php 4:6 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

1. Don’t be anxious or worrisome natural to fear/worry

a. Answer take it to Jesus!

b. Turn the worry to Praise, gratitude, change of attitude

b. Is God big enough to handle our complaints?

1. Small God if can’t. think our problems are too big for him?

a. The God who set all the natural laws of thermodynamics, nature, &

science & mathematics on course

c. Complaining is a sign of our lack of faith but of our faith

1. We know he can handle it & he loves us enough to hear us

1Pe 5:7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

2. Casting ALL your care (concerns/ complaints)

3. v5 Is David’s declaration of faith

a. The Lord is the object of his faith

b. Chosen “my Portion” *Love that description

1. God of all the banquet table of choices in life. I choose you to satisfy

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