Summary: Part 22 in a study through the 119th psalm

In God’s Presence

Part 22

Sermon Series: A Word about the Word

Date: November 2, 2003 P.M. Service

Place: Allendale Baptist

Text: Psalm 119:169-176


We close our study tonight in the 119th psalm.

I. Desire vv. 169-170

• I believe that you would agree with this comment; many people desire the presence of God in their life.

• Someone has said within every person is a God shaped hole or void in their life, that only the person of Jesus Christ can fill.

• Many desire the presence of God, but they are not turning to the correct source.

• The psalmist makes a petition in this first verse for an audience with God.

• “Let my cry come near before Thee, O Lord.”

• Matthew Henry says he asks that God would graciously receive his prayers.

• We also see a two part request the psalmist presents before the Lord.

• First that God would grant him wisdom to conduct himself according to God’s Word.

• Second, that God by His divine providence, resdue him out of his troubles.

• “Deliver me according to Thy Word.”

• When the psalmist prays, “According to Thy Word”, he is leaving his matters and his affairs in the hands of God.

• Once again let me quote Matthew Henry; “This directs and limits his desires.

• I wrote in one of my Bibles a while back “The only thing I do not want is what God does not want me to have.”

II. Declaration vv. 171-173

• “My Lips shall utter praise”

• I amazes me what comes out of folks mouths; even among Christians.

• Many of us may never use profanity, may never speak the thoughts that are on our mind, but what about the negative or the insults that come across these lips of ours.

• The psalmist asks that his lips utter the praise of God.

• Next he says, “My tongue shall speak Thy word”.

• As I stand behind this holy desk, my desire and my prayer is that I would speak God’s words not my own.”

• I can never go wrong if I seek His Word and allow it to penetrate my heart, my mind and my being.

• The way I preach and the message I preach is difficult.

• Someone said the other day, I will never be accused of being a warm, fuzzy, feel-good preacher.

• I burden over messages. I often struggle with God about what He desires me to preach.

• Story of Greg Dunn.

• Then again he asks for God’s help; “Let thine hand help me.”

• It is as if the psalmist sees his own hands as useless or insufficient for his own cause.

• I think he is also proclaiming that no one else can lend him a helping hand. So he looks to God

III. Delight vv. 174-175

• I want you to know something, David had trials and toubles in his life but he found himself in a place where God was using him. A place of great importance. He seems to be saying, “I am in a pretty good place, I’m glad to be here, but there is something better.

• Those of us that are saved know what I am talking about. The abundant life is fine but let me say my dear friend, the eternal will be greater.

• In verse 175 the psalmists heart is still set on praising the Lord.

• “Let my soul live, and it shall praise Thee;”

• It seems that he is saying God give me more time that I might praise you, because I am not yet finished.

• What is the reason you desire to live? So you can earn more money? Have a bigger house? Drive a nicer car?

• Folks I have said this many times; heaven is going to be church. We will worship and praise the Lord for all eternity. This here is warm up; this is just practice.

IV. Disclosure v. 176

• The psalmist is repenting or confessing.

• A lost sheep has no direction and cannot find its way back to the fold.

• When a sheep goes astray it loses the comfort of the green pastures and it also exposes itself to many dangers.

• Then he asks; “Seek Thy servant like a straying sheep, like the Good Shepherd that You are.

I love how the psalmist closes this writing; “For I do not forget Thy commandments.”

1. God’s Word keeps us settled.

2. Reminds us where we have strayed.

3. It is our surety- we can always rely upon God’s Word.

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