While preaching one night on the subject of Hell, a lady after the service commented that it had been a long time since she had even heard a preacher preach on this subject. I immediately began to see the Urgency of the emergency! More must be preached on this awful place.

If preachers aren't preaching on Hell then what are they preaching? It is a sad thought to know that many will end up there because preachers don't spend enough time warning people about this awful place.

"Is Hell real?" That's a question that many people ask. My simple answer is Yes, Hell is Real. We have God's word on the subject in His Holy Word.

Let us look at the thought - "In Hell There is Fire!"

Johnny Cash's secular song had in its lyrics these words: "I fell into a burning ring of fire, I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher, and it burned, burned, burned that ring of fire.

Yes, in Hell there is FIRE.


I. In Hell there is F - feelings. (vs 24)

II. In Hell there is I - illumination (vs 23)

III. In Hell there is R - reality (vs 28)

IV. In Hell there is E - Eternal Separation from God (vs 26)

Oh, to find oneself in the FIRE of Hell. Yes, Hell is real, people are going there, but they don't have to.

Hell, is no figment of one's imagination. It is a literal place.


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